Ubisoft joins growing number of developers dumping StarForce

I just posted the article Ubisoft joins growing number of developers dumping StarForce.

Womble, Airhead, Jim Kiler, Savannah and even CyberDog used our news submit to tell us “Wohoo!” Siting “complaints”, this very large publisher has made it public…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11738-Ubisoft-joins-growing-number-of-developers-dumping-StarForce.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11738-Ubisoft-joins-growing-number-of-developers-dumping-StarForce.html)

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it’s about time :r

Still they use one. :smiley: Haven’t they realized yet that this way they cannot protect their products ? Good luck, wasted time and money. By the way, SF was cracked and will be if needed, so I simply cannot understand why people have been crying so much about its low level drivers and security risks. :* If one does not like those, then he/she should install the game from the ORIGINAL and use the crack, and that’s it. It’s not even piracy, so…:slight_smile:

They complain because it is an add on that is unwanted. A warning should be given prior to installation allowing someone to decide they do not wish to add these drivers to their computer. Otherwise you just have to know to visit the Boycott StarForce site to make sure before you purchase a game it does not contain this protection. Ideally, there should be a very large warning on the box stating the game is protected with low level drivers that has been reported to cause performance issues. It should also mention on the box if an uninstall routine is included with the game to remove said drivers. Many do not, as this is up to the developer to include according to StarForce in their present versions. So even if you delete the game, the drivers remain. This is not right. :frowning:

I agree with you Crabbyappleton, there should be some kind of warning on software about what back doors, etc they contain, but then again this is not the pharmacuticles industry, so no one really gives a rats ass if your computer dies, cause it is not a person that can sue for billions.

so long as it is not on the new tom clancy game i dont give a rats ass if it is it can stay on the shelf with the rest nugh said

“and even CyberDog,” eh?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now all Ubi needs to do is release a new exe for each game that presently uses StarForce, and make them use no cd at all and all will be right.

Am I wrong that the protection is installed when you run the game for the 1st time ? So when installlation complete you simply replace the exe and the drivers and other nasty things will NOT be installed. I agree that SF is unwanted, just as are all other protections. All can be broken, so they cannot stop the real pirates with such protections but they can cause much headache to normal customers with these things. That’s why I say if they would want to do anything useful then they said bye-bye to all protections not only to SF.:frowning: