Ubisoft gets creative instead of using DRM

Ubisoft gets creative instead of using DRM.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/12/vrwdNw.png[/newsimage]Game company Ubisoft may have found a new way to combat online piracy that is aimed at being even more annoying than digital rights management (DRM).  Unlike the constant PR struggle surrounding DRM, however, Ubisoft hopes to be able to punish pirates only, while legal paying customers are completely oblivous to these new anti-piracy measures.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-gets-creative-instead-of-using-drm-37388/](http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-gets-creative-instead-of-using-drm-37388/)

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Sure, distributing a fake unusable ROM is going to frustrate pirates, but it’s also going to be put a serious strain on Internet bandwidth as people repetitively try downloading alternative versions in a hope of finding a working version.

In my opinion, the fake distribution should be a playable demo, even if it means appearing to be identical to the full version until the user has completed a certain amount of game play, at which point a message appears saying they have reached the limit of the demo. At this point, the player would hopefully be hooked and more likely to buy the real thing.

The company is now circulating a fake ROM download of its game Michael Jackson: The Experience that is crippled, preventing pirates from gaining access to the menu system. Once loaded, the game is likely to freeze since the game needs a functional menu system to load content.

I doubt it’s gonna fool them for a long time.

I hope for Ubi’s sake they have crippled the ROM more than enough so it cannot be circumvented by a simple hack. :slight_smile:

@Seán I was thinking the same thing, a crippled, but playable demo ROM that is the same filesize as the real full-size ROM would be better promotion of their product.

Screw Ubisoft and they’re always-on / always-connected DRM BS policy. Screw them hard ! I would be furious if I bought a game which refused to play when not connected.

Better get used to “linking-up” to basically do ANYTHING thats technological… It’s going to be the foundation of the new digital “matrix.” This is just a conditioning phase where everyone becomes used to “logging in” in order to do anything productive or digitally “entertaining.”

Incrementally training you dullard-zombies to just do whatever’s “new” and “hip,” eventually you’ll be stupid enough to swipe or scan some bio-metric ID in order to buy, sell, trade, and play anything. Just watch, that new MS video box is going to be another conditioning tool to keep serfs and slaves in their homes; "why go outside in the ‘elements,’ when you can exercise in your homes! Blah blah… soon going out and meeting people face-to-face will be just as antiquated as nerds going out to “play” as kids. Stay in your homes and get fat and stay stupid SERFS! Hahah… it’s coming little by little and all the idiots that buy this crap are putting the shackles of BIG-Brother on all of us… Net-IDs WILL be proposed and WILL be required w/in 5yrs…

Thanks noobs.

All it takes is the first torrent downloader to yell, “FAKE”, and the jig is up. What are they thinking over at Ubisoft?

Ubisoft has to be creative with their DRM, because they certainly are NOT focusing that creativity on their games. Really, a Michael Jackson Video game? If I won’t pay 10 bucks for his cds, why on earth would I pay 50 bucks for a lame game?