Ubisoft calls its always on PC DRM a "Success"

Ubisoft calls its always on PC DRM a “Success”.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/07/U6NNU1.jpg[/newsimage]Ubisoft seems to think very highly of their digital rights management systems these days.  The company is calling its controversial DRM measures a "success" despite universal hatred from just about everyone.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-calls-its-always-on-pc-drm-a-success-49269/](http://www.myce.com/news/ubisoft-calls-its-always-on-pc-drm-a-success-49269/)

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super restrictive DRM can’t possibly be the right answer to combatting piracy in the games industry.

It just helps the pirate more and more…how dumb do they take the new generation of computer users are??? They should just take a look at the music industry DRM was broken and now they are going down the tubes and blame piracy but that not the whole story. Some one will come along and blow a hole right through their DRM and they will say fowl…that is go DRM and some one will break your DRM. That is the nature of business. Rather then having those users purchase and enjoy the games your sending them to your competitors and in the end your competitors will buy you out because you lost out on the gamer’s market. I love how the free market works… lmao…

i haven’t bought a single ubi soft game since they introduced their “play protection”. i don’t know about others, but i wouldn’t call that a success for ubi soft.

also, since their drm was cracked and people were able to pirate the games, wouldn’t a “decrease in piracy” mean that people don’t care about their games?

Pirated versions of Ubisoft games don’t suffer from “always on” DRM :wink:

And if you consider the fact that many pirated games come with trojans pre-installed to steal credit card details, bank account details & etc… non-Ubisoft parties are being paid for Ubisofts work …

And as stated above … piracy is down, because interest in their products is down - likely because of the CRIPPLING drm.

If no-one is buying their product, no-one is playing their product online or otherwise … therefore there’s no word-of-mouth advertising … so pirates don’t give a damn about their invisible products.


Popular products are pirated, because they are popular, and some people can’t afford them, or have higher priorities.
Unpopular products are invisible, and no-one, neither pirates, want them.

Long Die Ubisoft :iagree:

Agree to all of the above - I rarely, if ever, purchase a Ubi-Soft game any more these days… It’s just not worth the hassle. static3.cdn.ubi.com ubisoft-orbit.s3.amazonaws.com onlineconfigservice.ubi.com orbitservice.ubi.com ubisoft-orbit-savegames.s3.amazonaws.com