Ubernet.org? Is it real?




I have been trying find the trading community associated with Ubernet.org does anyone have a clue on if it is real and there is a tradin community for trading Exact Audio Copy rips of HIGH Quality?




It is real, but it is a closed community…you won’t get in that easy. Believe you have to find a member to sponsor you in. There are very strict standards for their backups, but then you get absolute top quality.


How do I get a sponsor to join? I have emailed Chris Myden but there is never a reply. I am using EAC and LAME with the Standars Chris Myden professes.

I am tired of finding nothing but crap on WinMX and such.



That is the whole deal with Ubernet…finding a sponsor…
You have to know a member first (finding one and getting to know that person). Than that member should have enough faith in you to sponsor you, because I believe it is his responsibility too if you fail to live up to the expectations (and may have consequences for that member).

If I remember correctly, even when you find a sponsor, you must first contribute a few unique albums (albums that are not already in their collection and preferably on their wanted list).

And no, I am not a member, so there is no use in contacting me for sponsorship…


Send me an e-mail. Assuming you have all the tools, send me your .log and .pun files from 2-3 rips you’ve made. Zip or Rar them. Check your capitalization too, if you like all lowercase or the first letter on each word uppercase it doesn’t matter, as long as all your rips follow the same rules. I’ll get you started.


Ubernet.org is very much down at this moment, so posting in here won’t make much sense :slight_smile:
I just do that to increase my post count :bigsmile:
Please close the thread :cop:


I’d like to join Ubernet too. If anyone would like to sponsor me in, please let me know.


You need to fill in an application form. ÃœberNet :slight_smile:


Do you have newsgroup access? Pretty much everything you can imagine there. Most of the rips are around 192 with some being better and some being lower. IMO more are 192 or higher than they are lower than 192.


I never managed to find it - all the references turn out to be an error.But it would really be interesting to join it - though no definite plans. Actually, extremely high standards


Last time i read about the “UberStandard” it seemed to me very outdated. They were advising to use an old EAC version, but what’s even worse, they were sticking to an outdated and qualitywise inferior LAME build (i think it was 3.90.3) ignoring the huge improvents in the psychoacoustic model of the 3.97.
Not to mention, that the whole lossy-encoding approach is very old-school now…


The best high quality audio website is Oink. I have been a member for about a year and it has been truly magnificent. 400-500kb/sec downloads of high quality audio. Don’t ask for an invite though, I don’t have any and even if i did I would not give one out because they are really difficult to get and I have a waiting list of people that want invites.



the exact uber guide


The best EAC ripping guide ever (recommended for OiNK):


OiNK has a minimum 192 CBR rule, with V0 (256 VBR) & flac (lossless) being the standards. They know what they’re doing.


v0 does not = 256 VBR

there’s no such thing as a target bitrate when it comes to LAME VBR. ther’es a normal distribution of bitrates within VBR, but no specific target. v0 albums can have an average bitrate of 170 ish if it’s the right type of music.

ABR has a specific bitrate target. VBR is a specific quality target. this quality does not translate to a specific average bitrate.


I know all that; was just keeping it simple.

VBR (variable bitrate) settings

VBR: variable bitrate mode. Use variable bitrate modes when the goal is to achieve a fixed level of quality using the lowest possible bitrate.

VBR is best used to target a specific quality level, instead of a specific bitrate. The final file size of a VBR encode is less predictable than with ABR, but the quality is usually better.

Usage: -V(number) where number is 0-9, 0 being highest quality, 9 being the lowest.

Example: -V2

Switch — Target Kbit/s — Bitrate range kbit/s

-V0 — 245 — 220…260


yeah those are typical ranges, but it’s all dependent on the type of music that data was collected from…that might be typical of rock, but not of bluegrass or jazz or typical or particular artists because of complexity of their music but not others. that’s the beauty of VBR…you can’t really pinpoint an “average” because the algorithm does the calculations based on each song. sure you can get on overall idea and maybe even an overall “average” but I have a hard time extrapolating out that far when using VBR since it really is a case by case basis.

thats all i was trying to say. i just thought your previous post was a little oversimplified


This is a bit off topic now and the thread is 2years old!


Is UberNet still around? I’ve lost my login information but if someone could provide me with any of the appropriate information, contacts or otherwise, I’d greatly appreciate it.



…and no.

And to the poster above re: Lame 3.90.3 vs 3.97 and EAC 0.94b.

There are valid reasons why these tools continue to be the method of choice, which I won’t start a flame war here by going into.