U18a@832s + DVD-R: Why 4x better than 2x?!

(VS0E, CG3E and DVD-R 8x [Verbatim/ TDK])


I did a movie-backup (DVD->ISO->DVD-R) and k-probe says the 4x result is much better than the 2-2,4x result… Why :confused: I though the slower the better and my PC is pretty old, so I slowed down to avoid coasters.



I’m no expert on this but I think it comes down to the strategy stored in the firmware. Some media seems to prefer the high speed strategy to the lower speed one. Some Ricoh R01 burns better at 8x then it does at 4x and some media will not even burn at 2x. I guess with some media the longer the laser spends on one spot the more chance it has to overburn the disc.

I brought a tub of dodgy datawrite G04s expecting G05, when i burn these at 4X i get a lot of spikes when kprobed and my limit dvd player sticks with these but when i burn at 2X i dont get the high spikes but constant high pi around 200.