U18a/ 812s@832s = "original" 832s?



I flashed my u18a -> 832s because 832s’ firmware is updatetd more often.

Can I say, it is a 832s now or is it still a overclocked u18a/812s and not a β€œreal” 832s?! Where is the difference :confused:

Thanks for the info!

Kind regards


Your hardware will always be recognised as a u18a/812S, as there is a special signature in the drive that identifies the model. So you will always have to use the crossflash versions or the crossflash option in OmniPatcher to use 832S firmware. But as the hardware is the same for a u18a/812S and an 832S you can certain accept the fact, that you now have an 832S drive. :wink: