U T 2003 won't start up



This is my first time to write something. I have used this site a lot and it has been very helpful! My problem is my Unreal Tournament 2003 cd will not start up when I put it in the cd drive. It gets to the main screen and I click on play U T 2003, the disk spins, and nothing happens. I have installed it with all the original disks and I am sure I have burned it correctly. I used Alcohol Software to burn it, and use the correct emulation it requires. It has worked before, right after I installed teh game and tried the backup cd it worked, but I restarted it and then it wouldn’t work!


This protection is very picky about readers. Toshiba readers will puke trying to read a backup. Liteon readers will work good. Best thing to do would be to burn it without the protection using standard disk to disk copy and then apply the latest patch for UT2003. It kills the cd check when playing the game. I believe it is 2225 for UT2003.


Or you could just install the game, apply the latest official patch and put your disks away. The last patch they made took the cd-check away, you no longer need the disks to play the game.


Thanks, it worked!