U.T. 2003 question

hi all, im new to cdfreaks, so please dont flame me if i ask a nooB question. anyway, i recently made a back up of Unreal Tournament 2003 using philambers twinpeak method ( BTW thanks a bunch Philamber) anyway the game loads and plays fine, but when i try to play online or via a lan my system freezes. is this a byproduct of a bad copy or a problem with my system? also i cant load the game from the original media. can anyone lend me some insights into this. agian i am a nooB so any and all info would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance,

What error do you get when you try to play the game from the original discs?

well it looks like not being able to boot the game from the origianal was an isolated incident. however i can play online with the original but my system freezes when i try to use the play online option on the back up. it never moves off the main menu and i have to reboot.