U.S. Plextor Site Doesn't Carry Firmware 1.03 Why?

Does anyone know why Plextor’s U.S. website isn’t carrying Firmware 1.03 for the PX-716A???

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Different web-master I believe… :smiley: It’s just a matter of time to upload the file from the .jp server into the US server.

You’d think they’d be on top of that.

Hey Zevia, I see you have three 16x dvd burners. I just got a Benq 1620A for Christmas and I just ordered the PX-716A from PC Connection for $69.99 (yes!) can you burn a movie from your harddrive on both drives simultaneously? That was my intention in buying both drives.


I don’t think my system is fast enough to do simultaneous burns. It takes lots of resources even to do one burn. Let me show it in another way. I tried before to do quality test simultaneously. Plextools sum8 test on my 716a and Nero quality test on my 1620a, simultaneously. On plextools I cannot see any “hickups” since there is no read speed shown during test. However in Nero I can see reading hickups. Look at the green line in the pic below. Usually there is no small spikes up and down on the green line (you can see other Nero quality posts).

I put both of my drives in the same IDE channel though, since I’m not interested in on the fly copy anyway. You might want to try to put the drives in different channel, or better in ATA controller for 716a (UDMA4) and play around.

Thanks for the info,

I have an AMD XP 2600+ oc’d to 3200+ with 1-gig of Kingston PC3200 DDR ram on an Asus A7N8X-Deluxe Motherboard. Do you think this is enough to do dual burn?

What do you have to do, simply load nero twice?