U.S. official: Chinese test missile obliterates satellite



“WASHINGTON (CNN) – China last week successfully used a missile to destroy an orbiting satellite, U.S. government officials told CNN on Thursday, in a test that could undermine relations with the West and pose a threat to satellites important to the U.S. military”


Cold War II-

Just think of all the crazy stuff that may happen in the next 20 years… :eek:


Maybe they can breed spy satellites with lasers grafted to their freakin’ heads :slight_smile:

The US is aiming a little to high, if it want’s to age war on china.
First of all:

  1. China has a MUCH larger population than the USA, and evidently, they also have missiles to waste.
  2. China will stop exporting cheap chinese clothes & DVD players to the USA.

There will a $hitload of pissed off, barefoot, butt naked Netflix & Blockbuster customers on the presidents doorstep demanding answers to why they can’t buy $20 DVD players anymore, their nike’s now cost $1000US a pair, and they can’t afford underwear, or any clothes anymore.

And no US president wants THAT on their conscience :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint to USA:
Keep picking fights on little 3rd world countries without armies … that way employment is kept high & you can steal everything of any value to pay for it all. Do that, and everything will be ay-oh-kay :wink:


What the problem here both the us and russia have tested such missile so why is it not right for other countries to do this?


That was abandoned decades ago because of the hazard of thousands of floating missiles the destroyed satellites create. We should keep space around the Earth as safe as possible…it’s our future.


I agree but once one has the ablity to do something then others think they have a right to do it also. One of these days we will not be able to go into space to much junk up there.


I think the chinese officials know perfectly well what america thinks of anyone else shooting missiles left and right and they really cannot be bothered. It’s not like america, or anyone else for that matter, is going to touch China. At most they will recieve a “excuse us we are a little annoyed”-letter.


The preservation of an environmentally safe space atmosphere is of absolute importance.

China’s development of this weaponry is destructive to space and is geared to attack U.S. space hardware like GPS and spy satellites which I will give my life to protect if called upon to do so.

U.S. strategic nuclear missiles mainly use INS and stellar navigation…that was used long before GPS. U.S. missiles are self dependent, with no external input needed. So in other words, China will not be able to prevent its extinction in a doomsday scenario and perhaps vice-versa.

Anyway, nobody would take nicely to anyone knocking out GPS satellites.
The U.S. may be the owner of it, but the world uses it…