U.S. movie piracy claims mostly fiction

In recent weeks, Canadians have been subjected to a steady stream of reports asserting that Canada has become the world’s leading source of movie piracy. Pointing to the prevalence of illegal camcording – a practice that involves videotaping a movie directly off the screen in a theatre and transferring the copy on to DVDs for commercial sale – the major Hollywood studios are threatening to delay the Canadian distribution of their top movies.

Story: http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/178181

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(sigh) How typical is that, eh?

The key phrase is the lack of independent verification, and this article does a great job of debunking what the ‘industry’ says goes on. Great find, platinumsword! Really ‘meaty’ articles like this that really talk about facts (and use facts to expose fabrication) are hard to find. :wink:

No way is Canada the worst country for piracy. That particular distinction must surely go to China from whence most pirated disks emerge. Even here in Australia it is not that hard to visit a flea market and see people buying pirated disks under-the-table for a few bucks. The answer for the studios is to reduce the prices for new release DVDs and people will be less inclined to take pot luck buying crappy camera-in-the-cinema jobs.
In Australia the major studios have drastically reduced the prices of older titles to prevent rampant piracy. Movies like “The Sting” can be bought for about ten bucks…who’d want to risk buying a counterfeit copy of it when the real McCoy is so cheap? So that, IMHO, is the answer…drop the prices and kill off piracy.