U.S. man sentenced to jail for selling illegal Xbox mod-chips

I just posted the article U.S. man sentenced to jail for selling illegal Xbox mod-chips.

zwieber used our    news submit  to tell us  that David Rocci has been sentenced to five months in prison and fined $ 28,500  for selling illegal Xbox mod-chips via the iSONEWS website.      ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5719-U_S_-man-sentenced-to-jail-for-selling-illegal-Xbox-mod-chips.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5719-U_S_-man-sentenced-to-jail-for-selling-illegal-Xbox-mod-chips.html)

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Remember, you can cheat on your spouse. But don’t sell that computer chip.

Sell guns instead.

I don’t know the details but I think he was convicted of selling Xbox mod chips that contained a bios image, rather than just a plain old chip. If that is the case he was not jailed for selling the chip, but for peddling a copyrighted peice of software. I don’t agree with the whole situation and I still think it is a bit harsh but it will all be behind him soon enough. Just a monor nitpick. The government “seized” the domain name not “ceased”
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hey u can also try stolemy.com for the isonews website If you pay for it then its your to do what you want with it that rule came before the DMCA

Just let the people vote. Screwn it. Instead of having politicians vote for us. Just set up a website that allows people across the world to vote for, or against mod chips, and whichever has the most votes becomes the law.

I doubt that having a massive, worldwide, online referrendum would be a viable way to run any government. Politicians vote for us because people in general are too stupid to make educated political and judicial decisions. I’m just going to assume it was a joke and move on.

Why is it someone is always telling me the people are smart enough to pay taxes but too dumb to vote for ourselves

actually, politicians vote for us so that we dont have to. its not that the people are too stupid, but that they dont have enough time to devote themselves totally to running their government as well as their own lives. case in point on too stupid to vote - FLORIDA

Why would we want to setup a website and allow world wide voting? The issue at hand is that the guy was selling it in and from the United States. He was violating U.S. law while in the jurisdiction of the U.S. This is a matter of domestic law, not international law. Second, setting up a website to permit people to vote requires a couple things. It assumes that everyone has a computer and is online to vote (which clearly isn’t the case). And two, how would you regulate voter fraud and prevent individuals from voting more than once? What you’re suggesting is nothing more than a popularity contest that isn’t even remotely legitimate.

I could accept that, but I won’t accept that the people are too stupid. That’s shows no faith in society. However, I sure wouldn?t want to be a politician. Take America for example. There is no way a handful of them can possibly know what is best for roughly 300 million people. This is why the smarter man would not want to be a politician. A smart person knows there is no way he knows what is best for everyone, and if fifty-one percent of the people were in support for something, I would not be the person standing on a platform telling 153 million people they are wrong, and they are too stupid to vote. And what would that say about me as a politician that was voted in by 153 million stupid people. So if the majority of the people want mod chips, let them have mod chips. They have uses other then piracy. I’d rather have mod chips on the streets then alcohol, tobacco, or guns. But what do I know, I’m just a stupid tax payer right.

Last year In Australia. Sony Australia tried to sue a mod chip maker. Sony lost the court battle. It was ruled that copy right technology went to far and did not allow consumers to back up there software. You can legally buy playstation 2 mod chips that play pirated games in australia. I find it amazing that you go to gaol in the usa for doing this when it is fully legal in australia.

Jacksonville Florida shouldnt have a problem with voting this year because it is so simple a kindergardner could figure out howe to mark the ballot, and it goes in to a machine that counts the ballot

The problem is that these old morons don’t know how to turn on a computer. When we get rid of the 80 year old judges and lawyers we will have a better legal system. BTW: Its not that Floridians don’t know how to vote. It is Bush’s brother made all the Gore ballots disappear, hmmmmmmmm.

aint u glad u live in Australia instead of the US?! US copyright laws (wrt mod chips) sux!