U.S. lawmakers to bring new visibility to global piracy problem

I just posted the article U.S. lawmakers to bring new visibility to global piracy problem.

Piracy is everywhere and if we are to believe the
experts, international music, movie and software piracy is costing
the industry billions of dollars in sales. On Yahoo! News, thanks…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6942-U_S_-lawmakers-to-bring-new-visibility-to-global-piracy-problem.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6942-U_S_-lawmakers-to-bring-new-visibility-to-global-piracy-problem.html)

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damn right its not the people that swap songs and download software! its the big companies and goverment not paying for software and the mass bootleggers out there selling the stuff! not the people testing it out to buy or that can not afford it anyway! :slight_smile:

Exactly, and as you can see this is more of a problem in other countries, not the U.S. “…countries with the highest piracy levels are Brazil, China, Pakistan, Russia and Taiwan” There you go. I question how much money people from some of these countries have to be throwing away on music CDs and expensive PC software. When I hear ‘Piracy’ I think of people making money off of selling illegal discs. Perhaps, Windows XP for $10, or a brand new cd for $3. Stuff like that, not some 12-yr old downloading the newest N’Sync single. RIAA doesnt even know if that will turn into a loss of a sale or the CREATION OF A SALE! If the kid decides to buy it rather than download each song individually and then burn it onto a CD, then it is a creation of a sale, because had they not heard the hit single, they would not have been interested, leery of the type of music they would be wasting their money on. We all know we cant return CDs, so, to buy it and not like it really means your stuck with it unless you can sell it off to a friend (unlucky friend).

God Bless Piracy!!! Where would my higher education have been without it. Seriously though, the fact of the matter is that I would only consider buying s/w if it was reasonably priced $800 (Can) for Office Pro you say? $1200 for Photoshop? hmmm. I think I’ll pass. In regards to the article specifically, if the U.S. want’s to crack down on those who burn copies and then try to resell them for profit in markets and what have you be it in Asia or wherever, that’s one thing. If your trying to go house to house and determine whether every family member has a valid license for each piece of s/w they have installed on their PC, good luck to you. Talk about paranonia, it is almost as if U.S. legislators are collectively saying out load, “We have to lock up as many of our own citizens as possible to send a message!!!, that’ll learn 'em!” Not to sound anti-U.S. or anything, (I actually love visiting my neighbour), it just seems the wrong people in power are flexing their muscle a bit too much. Discuss…:slight_smile:

whoops! meant to say $800 (Can) for Office Pro and $1200 (Can) for photoshop… :B

hmm… my “dollar sign” symbol seems to be gettomg interpreted instead of displayed. ok then make that eight-hundred for office and twelve-hundred for photoshop…

“One in three music CDs sold worldwide is a bootleg copy, while 40 percent of the software on business computers has not been properly purchased, according to trade-group estimates.” no mention here of bland, unintelligible and ofttimes, downright bad music making up 70 % of a legitimate cd…or the shoddiness of coding in business and entertainment software making it so frustrating to use…are consumers getting what they pay big bucks for…the answer here is yes, if you consider the consumer a moron and an easy mark…their argument is one sided…:X