U.S. law proposed means jail time for uploading single song

I just posted the article U.S. law proposed means jail time for uploading single song.

  I just read 

this thread in our Downloads, P2P and Legal Forum. BadReligionPR, one of our forum moderators had contacted a Connecticut representative to voice his…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7110-U_S_-law-proposed-means-jail-time-for-uploading-single-song.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7110-U_S_-law-proposed-means-jail-time-for-uploading-single-song.html)

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This is getting out of hand … A person’s mistake in judgment in this area is just not that serious.

“On July 16, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) introduced H.R. 2752, legislation to enhance domestic and international enforcement of copyright laws.”…International enforcement of copyright laws…this is what really pisses me off…this twat conyers obviously equates interstate with overseas…Are american senators so arrogant they assume any other country cannot come to copyright agreement within their own boundaries and pass THEIR laws accordingly…or will they persist in passing off the DCMA as part of a trade agreement ratified by certain countries ( some, I feel, without realising the full implication of that agreement)…for a country that touts itself as the bastion of democracy, it seem willing to subvert the peoples choice in other countries with clever use of these seemingly benign trade agreements…thats it…I buy nothing american made from this day forth…and yer crappy harleys still leak oil…and yer film stars are all pooftahs… :X

ALL these politicians are getting seed money from all the entertainment industry. Who in the heck do they think they’re fooling. The more they agitate the hand that feeds them the more the hand withdraws.

[sarcasm] America, home of the brave land of the free! [/sarcasm] the country where it is OK to carry a gun and shoot someone who trespasses on your property and where uploading a songfile lands you in Jail. makes me glad to be a downtrodden Brit.

fuk this, atleast Canada exists…

Why will 20 FBI agents kick in my door if I copy 1 DVD (and I’ve ‘Archived’ a few) but if some corporation pollutes a river and kills or gives hundreds of people cancer they get a fine and don’t even have to STOP? They can just keep paying the fine because it’s cheaper. Like if you copy a DVD and the Feds fined you $ 0.15 each time (much like a tax) would anyone EVER buy a DVD?

hey, wait a minute… I just found this: http://www.arl.org/info/frn/copy/hr2752.pdf and upon reading some of it, the 5-year penalty is for trying to register a domain name w/ the intent to defraud them. 6-months for knowingly uploading (without warning the downloader of the fact that) cracking software, if valued atleast $2500. The amount of fines are unspecified, as best I can tell, which is sort of scary. And what is up with that $15million thing in sec 101? I skipped the part about enforcing international copyright, seeing how, in America it isnt international…

Hi joex444, Thanks for the link but take a gander at this section “b” 1, 2, 3. I don’t know what to think. http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/cybercrime/18usc2319.htm Plus in your link, to me they are describing P2P software? Making it the reproduction and distribution. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud. Maybe someone can help us out. I am still going to write a letter to my congessman. ~Crabby
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Hey Crabby…stick 50 bucks in it …it might induce him to actually read it…:X

Hi Sherrif, Don’t worry, we will fight this attrocity. I have written my Congresswoman as well tonight. I am ashamed of this as much as you are angered by it. ~Crabby

Yeah you wrote your congresswoman but somebody else might be paying her off. What would you listen too, someone, or something printed in green. People are gonna have to find a way to pay off the Government if they want to be represented. It would be nice if we could just stop sending them income tax, until they realize they’re not representing us, but unfortunately that’s controlled by the same governements and corporations that we’re trying to change.

tsk tsk chsbiking…how could you infer that us senators are on the take…shame on you…but seriously, if they wanted a law to have international implications then argue it in an international court…or is the rest of the world full of morons that can’t be trusted…I wish our PM had the balls to do what chirac did and tell them get stuffed… :X
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The arrogance of current crop of “public servants” certainly justify the words of Thomas Jefferson about overthrowing our government every 200 or so years. Just to keep them in their place. (the idiots)