U.S. Copyright Group steals copyrighted website design

U.S. Copyright Group steals copyrighted website design.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/07/lUMWba.jpg[/newsimage]The U.S. Copyright Group responsible for enforcing copyright and intellectual property in the United States reportedly stole the code from a competing service.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/u-s-copyright-group-steals-copyrighted-website-design-32619/](http://www.myce.com/news/u-s-copyright-group-steals-copyrighted-website-design-32619/)

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Offer them settlement with payment of 100 trillion dollars.

Thou shall not steal

So are they going to be sued $5,000 for every line of code, or is that unfair?

Typical industry attitude.

Coatsfucism say, “It is only illegal, if you get caught.” Most of these movies that they are suing for, sucked so badly, someone should be suing them for actually having to pay money to watch the shitty thing. I find that there are only maybe 3 or 4 movies worthy of my attention each year. So I wait till Netflix gets them. I will not pay Hollywood a dime more than I think they deserve. Not for 20 dollar popcorn, and 8 dollar soda. Clean up your theaters, cheapen your prices, cheapen your concessions, and no I do not need everything in 3D so you think I should pay 20 bucks a ticket.