U.S. company VinPower Digital claims to be resurrecting Optiarc CD/DVD burner brand

Originally published at: http://www.myce.com/news/u-s-company-vinpower-digital-claims-resurrecting-optiarc-cddvd-burner-brand-82160/

The company VinPower Digital has announced the Optiarc 5290S DVD burner with DVD+R DL overburn feature. The company, mainly into the professional duplicator business, claims to be resurrecting the Optiarc brand. Optiarc was a joint venture of Sony and NEC that manufactured optical disc drives until 2013.

A actual DVD-writer with DVD-overburning would be nice, sometimes I use it and have to wake up my old Plextors 716 and 755 to do it, but only +R works with these writers.

Anyone knows whether it´s also possible to overburn SL-media?

Actual Liteon/Samsung-drives can be started to overburn with Nero 12 but at 4,38GB the writing fails

Seems like the latest firmware improved support on the 8.7GB overburn.

Change Log:

•Optimize Ritek DVD+R writing strategy

•Increase failure tolerance on DVD recordable media.

•Finetune write power for CD/DVD recording.

•Improve support on DVD+R DL 8.7GB recording capability. (on supported drive model)