U.S. citizen charged in Mumbai attacks

Washington (CNN) – A U.S. citizen has been charged with alleged involvement in planning last year’s terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, the Justice Department said Monday.

David Headley of Chicago, Illinois, already faced charges alleging that he planned attacks against a Danish newspaper.

Headley, 49, was born in Washington, D.C.

The Justice Department alleges he helped plan the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which killed 160 people, including six Americans.

The Justice Department said Headley attended terrorism training camps in Pakistan and conspired with members of the group Lashkar-e-Tayyiba to carry out attacks in Denmark and India.

The United States considers Lashkar-e-Tayyiba a foreign terrorist organization.

The department said Headley was charged in Chicago with six counts of conspiracy to bomb locations in India and to murder and maim persons in India and Denmark, and six counts of aiding and abetting the murder of U.S. citizens in India.

He has agreed to cooperate with authorities investigating both terror plots, lawyers involved in the case said.

At the time of his October 3 arrest in Chicago, he was on his way back to India to plan a second attack, a source close to the investigation said.

He remains in federal custody, with no date set for his arraignment, the Justice Department said.
Full article available via CNN.

Hm. Never good when American citizens are charged with these types of crimes. Makes the war on terror look foolish when we can’t even get these home grown guys in our own country. :frowning:

Consider the fact that in the past 50 years the USA suffer from:

  • “witch hunter” aka comunism under every stone or behind any corner -> FBI and other agencies hunts USA citizens because of mere discordance with “actual policies”.
  • “everyone outside USA is the enemy” aka any government not aligned with actual policies of USA is labeled as “terrorist”, “not democratic” , “financial aid to terrorism”, and more recently “possible developer of weapons of mass destruction”. This behaviour derivate into a neurotic state of mind where any act is justified because is against the “enemies”.
  • “my internal problems isn’t my fault - blame everyone else” aka economic crash, bad administrative policies wasn’t the origin of internal problems but outsiders manipulating to destroy USA way of life or something like this.
  • “national security” aka all that we do ( no matter if legal or not ) that must not be public

Conclusion: secrets, absence of moral or solid values, absence of auto criticism, government stimulated xenophobia. This produces citizens that in specific enviroment turns into radical oriented people in some cases descripted as “nationalism” in others as “terrorism”. Paramilitary groups, neo nazis, religion extremism groups, are some examples.

In past 10 years Mr. Bush demonized many countries just by your pleasure to destroy them. Just like the nazis repeating a lie many times turns it into a true. Mr. Obama reduces but not eliminate this behaviour. The war showtime distraction make people forget the internal problems, but this is temporary and a “new enemy” is always required. “New enemies” to be blamed for everything that the government don’t want to take responsability.

“irrational + neurotic + xenophobia” = “extremism aka terrorism”