U.S. antipiracy team scans Asia-Pacific peer-to-peer users

I just posted the article U.S. antipiracy team scans Asia-Pacific peer-to-peer users.

  A representative of antipiracy group BSA (Business Software  Alliance)      has said      that they have begun scanning  Asia-Pacific websites and users of file-sharing...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6002-U_S_-antipiracy-team-scans-Asia-Pacific-peer-to-peer-users.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6002-U_S_-antipiracy-team-scans-Asia-Pacific-peer-to-peer-users.html)

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Sections of the DCMA were surrepticiously slipped into a free trade agreement between Singapore and the US, this is how those slimey bastards will ooze their laws into your countrys legislation… “Loss of democracy will not come from blustering fools who seek to wrest it from you with gun or bomb, this will only strengthen you resolve, your loss of liberties will come by those very same persons, that you, by your actions as a majority, placed in positions of trust to protect those very same freedoms”…:X

Yeah we know that. But no matter who we vote for, we get the same results, And everytime I say, let the people vote on the laws passed instead of the leaders, Someone calls me stupid. But whatever.

They can scan all they want… Because the U.S will probably end up going to try to invade Asia for the excuse of finding some weapons of mass destruction device for copying software. Ironically, all they will find is the same machines that U.S corporations put there themselves. :B

F*#K the BSA! I think that sums it up!

Who they think they are ? Gods of the universe ? They will be destroyed before they’ll touch a hair of the Asia Pacific !