U.S. 5005 owners....closed captions?!?



I’m using my TiVo as an external source, and recording onto the 5005 at the SP setting. (Two hours per disc.)


TV is set for CC on, and there aren’t any. Not on the commercials, not on the programs.

Is this normal? The recorder doesn’t recognize and record the closed captions?

I think the TiVo records them, so I’m guessing that if anything, it’s the 5005 that’s overlooking them.


See my recent posts in the 5005 forum. The 5005 records the CC signal just fine. It just won’t play it. Please join us over in 5005 while we work to resolve this.



I didn’t realize there was a separate forum for the 5005. I’ll have to look for it.



@gastrof - he meant the LiteOn 5005 topic in this forum here

Edit - I see while I was posting here you were posting there. it’s an old thread going all the way back to like June '04.