U lead media studio pro 8 crashes

I am fairly new to DVD work but have done a fair bit of vcd burning with reasonable success. I know U lead products are video editing for dummies, but my previous attempt with Adobe premier 6 years ago was a total waste of space - very difficult to use

however i find that media studio tends to crash unexpectedly with DVD production, its also very slow (btw I have a 1.6gig p4 with 750 mb sdram 400

I suspect maybe not enough memory to to serious dvd work

If so what size of machine/spec is really needed for fast dvd work?

can anyone suggest better video editing app? what do you think of the latest adobe premier pro?

I burn with U lead dvd 5 but hate the way it wont rmember your settings preferences

btw I got a Snazzi DVD capture card. It does the job ok but will only work with its own moviemill capture program. I had an Adaptec box DVD express before but it kept crashing when recording from cable tv, very annoying

but it was very good at bypassing macrovision when converting vhs tapes to disc. :smiley: