TZCopyProtection and Wtm-CD-Protect problems

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to ad some form of copy protection to a data CDR and came across Wtm-CD-Protect and TZCopyProtection(I know there is no such thing as real copy protection). I frist tried using Wtm-CD-Protect by following the steps on the website but was only confused by them. Then I tried to use TZcopy protection an always received an “error runtime 035…”. I have searched google for any other guides or instructions on either of these programs but have been unable to find any. Does anybody have any experience with these programs or maybe a guide? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I know the creator of TZ was very helpful when I used it, but I used their forums. I barely remember working the software, I would suggest you ask at TZ forums.

I tried to go to the site but the site was down. I tried

and I found no forums. Are they setting up a new site? is the last working server. Some links on their download page are down though.

Thanks a lot, I’ll check out the forums there.