Tyvek CD Sleeves

I’m putting together a collection of DVDR’s that are fairly important to me and I want to store them safely but I also want to cut down on storage space on my shelf (I have very limited space issues).

I was looking into paper sleeves and maybe some of those rice paper sleeves. Then I began reading about the Tyvek sleeves.

My main question is, do they keep CDs/DVDs scratch free? That was the one thing that kept me from buying paper sleeves because I know I have had those in the past and have had some scratching issues. Will Tyvek sleeves help me avoid this?


The Tyvek sleeves are made of some material patented by dupont and feels quite smooth. TDK used to use it for packaging their CD-R discs sold in boxes, they feel better than any paper sleeve I have ever seen so should be a better choice if you require sleeves.

I looked into this about a year ago.
I think the best article I found was from an automated stuffing company that did research and said the tyvek had the least amount of scratching compared to paper, plastic and some other sleeve (cardboard maybe).

I found the cost a bit high, about 20 cents, when the dvd disk itself was only about 40.
I bought a roll of tyvek , 3 foot x 100 foot and tried to create my own, but didn’t come up with a good way to fold and seal the stuff.
You could just cut it and stick it inside paper sleeves. I suppose you would only need it on the one side if you wanted to still use the clear plastic window.

The industial tyvek had blue “dupont” and other inks on it that didn’t look too safe.
I would be very carefull, because if the glue, or industrial tyvek might cause problems that only show up after a few years.

Then what about these index sheets advertised in banner ads on site, that are Tyvek? Any idea on those? They seem reasonable, given you can place them in between media on a spindle, and save buying jewel cases…

Take it with a grain of salt but for the tyvek interested folks take a look at this:
http://www.audiodev.com/default.asp?GROUPID=20041110134124725 or


I have been using the paper sleeves for the past 10 or so years - and have never lost a CD or DVD yet (stored vertically in the old 5 1/4 floppy plastic boxes) and have never seen any visible scratches-eh!

Wow, great links, Dakhaas. I did see the second link before, but the first one, no. That makes a solid case for using the Tyvek on those Index Sheets advertised in banners here at CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

We should take the Tyvek graphs with a huge pinch of salt, especially considering the focusing error stuff… I think that they are better than paper sleeves anyway, however :slight_smile:

Yeah…paper sleeves seem very disc suface friendly…even more than the wallet sleeves.