Ty's value line VS. Premium line

It would seem like the obvious answer would be the primium line, but you never know. So I am wondering out of the 8x dvd-r ty media which line is better media?

Definitely the premium. The 8x value line TY are pretty good, there do seem to be just a few more reports of these having trouble than the premium but the real issue is that with the value line you could end up with the 16x TYG03 (could be 8x TYG02 or 16x TYG03, you won’t know for sure until you get the spindle). Some might think that this is a bonus but most on here will agree that the 16x TYG03 IS NOT up to par with the rest of their stuff. With the 8x Premium DVD-R you are gauranteed to get the 8x TYG02 DVD-R every time.

Thanks for the excellent reply! The only bummer is I found only one seller ( supermedia ) that states whether the media is value, or premium.


Uh huh! I beleive this number is the premium after comparing different websites.

Taiyo Yuden No : DVD-R47ZZSB8

TYG02 has been discontinued and I have seen reports that YUDEN000T02 is out as well. You should stock up as the 16X is no where near as good.

Fortunately, MCC 004 is decent and available.

That’s an opinion, not fact. I’ve seen great burns with YUDEN000 T03 media! Optical drives manufacturers are still working on optimised strategies. :wink:

Hi Francksoy :slight_smile:
You’re probably right… but considering the price of the 16X TY vs. the price of the MCC004, I’ll stick with MCC004 for time being… :wink:

I have to disagree, Franck. :frowning:

From what I’ve seen, it’s much, much more variable in quality than its 8x counterparts. Sure there’s awesome 16X TY, but it’s alot rare than awesome 8x, in my opinion.

See here, for example.

I started a thread about T03 batch variation a while ago:

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) Batch variation

I have two batches of these. One batch (TH000021) is excellent and the other (TH001330) is average.

Even the average batch burns flawlessly at maximum speed in all my drives in terms of readability; it’s just the PIE/PIF numbers that could be better.

Ahhhh G02 been discontinued never knew, thanks for the heads up, Think i’ll better stock up.

TY still mass produces 8x DVD-R and +R. Also there is no reason to cease production of these Medias as most standalone DVD-Recorders in use are only able to use 8x media for burning (only the newest models have 16x burning capabilities).

Thanks for clearing that up koba! I was already shocked but couldn’t believe stuff like that…
I wonder why 8x media is now disappearing from all of bloody Europe being replaced by 16x media? Anyway TY seems to be more focused on consumer electronics because they seem to produce more dash than plus media and most recorders use dash media…

How exactly does one distinguish between value and premium line TY for a given brand, like That’s or Verbatim MIJ ?

Presumably all branded TY discs would be premium line, although some of the Fujifilm discs with the speckling problems resemble batches of the value line.

I have only had one bad batch of each Value and Premium, they in fact both had
the same serial number.

Other than that I could not tell the difference between either one.

While I have no idea what TY is doing, I think you’re mistaken that these is no reason. Once the 16x line no longer sells at a premium and the cost for production is the same or less compared to the 8x line, it would make sense for them to phase out the 8x line. Generally, speaking it’s cheaper and simpler to maintain only one line then 2 lines.

Remember that 16x media can be burnt at 8x usually even though the quality mightn’t be as good (especially with old burners and even more so with standaloneswhich probably haven’t had their media codes updated in a while). The fact that the 16x line perhaps isn’t as good as the 8x line and the 8x line would probably be better for people with 16x drivers who burn at 8x and for people with 8x burners (standalone or otherwise) is likely to be only of small concern of them. (Although of more concern then it would be to e.g. media code fakers).

P.S. Personally, I don’t burn at 16x even tho I have a 16x burner but that’s neither here or there

So ‘serious’ brands sold in cases or spindles, not bulk wrapped in plastic, like That’s, Verbatim (Pastel etc.), TDK, Panasonic should always be premium ? Some details on the suspect Fujis ?

So there not stopping X8 discs now ??

No there is no stopping on 8x now and not in the near future. Same is with 1-32x CD-Rs. TY still mass produces them.
Btw TY has at least 3 Lines for 8x DVD-R media (for DATA):
Normal, Master and professional.
Product numbers by Thats are
DR-47xxxxxx (can be 6 7 or 8 digits after the DR-47) for the normal ones
DVD-R47XYxxx for Master
and DVD-R47PSG8 for Professional. PS stands for Playstation and these Discs come with a SCE logo on them and are the only official discs approved by Sony for Mastering PS2 Games.

32x CD-Rs?
Do they make 650 MB/74 minute CD-Rs too?

Whoa, TY, we really love you. When I have enough money to visit Japan some day I’ll bring lots of TY stuff to Europe. Keep up the tradition :bow:
I want hot stuff!!!111111

TY still produces 1-32x 650MB and 700MB Discs as well as 1-16x 650MB and 700MB Discs.
Actually there are 3 lines for 1-32x Medias and 2 for the 1-16x Media I know of.
Lines for 1-32x are:
Normal CDR74xxxxxx and CDR80xxxxxx
Master CDR-74SPMPT and CDR-80SPMPT
and Special tuned for low speed (1x) burning CDR-74WPY10PM and CDR-80WPY10PM
Lines for 1-16x are:
Master CDR-74MY10P
Music CDR-A74xxxx and CDR-A80xxxx
The ones tuned for low speed (1x) use Super Cyanine 2 and a line which was discontiniued but they begun to re-produce them in 2004 (well that is what TY says).