TYs in Singapore?

Does anyone know if and where TY CD-Rs and DVD-/+Rs are available in Singapore? Thanks.

SLS… Fujifilm DVD+R/-R discs as well as the Verbatim 50 packs “Made In Japan”…
Wait for sen, raygay and MacClipper to turn up…

Two stores were selling Taiyo Yuden disks as of this week in Sim Lim Square when I went there:


  • Fujifilm DVD+R 8X (YUDENT02)
  • not sure of price


  • Verbatim Pastel DVD-R 4X (TYG01 I believe)
  • S$25 for a spindle of 25 discs
  • S$45 for a spindle of 50 discs

Both shops are on the 6th floor. Take the escalator up, turn left and walk down the corridor. They are a bit hard to miss as both have large stacks of discs on display outside their shops.