TYs & CD Rot :(

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Do you recall a month or so ago I posted a picture of a TY CDR that had started to rot around the central hub area? Well I have just been going through some CDRs I have here to sort out and I have found another one, but this one has started to go on the outside edge.

I have here CDRs of several types and out of all of them I have found two TYs in the past two months that have started to rot. These Blanks were bought within the last two years, and to find two going already is not good in my book.

From what I have read here and other places and from what people say the TYs give the best test results, and are the best to buy.

I am wondering this:-

The dye used may give the best test results, but is it the most stable?

All I read regarding dyes states that Cyanine and AZO are not the best for longevity, but Phthalocyanine is, I think I read somewhere that Cyanine and AZO on there own are not very stable either.

So once again why do we all feel TYs dye is the best?


That is certainly not typical of TY discs. I have some that are a few years old and are quite fine.

Are you living in a hot/humid area or keeping your CDs in the fridge? This can greatly accelerate CD Rot. I’ve only seen this kind of thing once and it was from my cousin lived in the Caribbean.

I have hundreds of burned Taiyo Yuden CDR discs dating back to 1996 and have never once seen this.

As dye longevity, every CDR manufacturer claims that whatever dye it uses is the best and will last longer than all the others.

Are you living in a hot/humid area or keeping your CDs in the fridge?

Yeah cus this guy came up to me and said his pc wouldnt turn on, my initial reaction was to ask him “are you keeping your system in a tub of water?”

j/k, but seriously, in the fridge? its not likely is it come on, and if somebody does store their discs in the fridge and they start to grown mould they cant exactly complain can they.

Have you ever lived in a tropical country? Most of my family lives in the Caribbean and you simply cannot run computer equipment anywhere down there without air conditioning. In such locations, it is very common for people to put their CDs or floppies in refrigerators because they think it will help prevent heat-related problems in their discs. (Unfortunately they do not necessarily know about the humidity in fridges.) In fact many people keep refrigerators dedicated for such purposes! My uncle had one for quite a while until he moved out of the Caribbean.

Hi All

I live in the UK and the CDRs in question where just kept in a normal living room.

Here is the picture of the first one I found, and the other one I found the other day has gone the same but on the outside edge. On the latest one I have also found some small pin holes in a group near the centre area.

That’s pretty dang strange.

All I can say is that there are some very atypical conditions going on here. Maybe a bad batch of discs? Maybe there is a weird bacteria where you live? I have no idea.

How come I cannot see the attached picture ?


There is no picture.

Please follow this link for the picture, sorry my mistake, I changed the name and thought that I could upload to a different post.



In your picture that disc looks purple, while real T-Y CDR discs are green on the bottom. Are you sure that it is a genuine T-Y disc you have there?

Hi all,
I have also had horrible experiences with rotting Taiyo Yuden media (about 50 from various batches), branded either as “Plextor” or “Verbatim Pastel”. The discs were stored in normal conditions like my hundreds of other brand media, none of which showed any rot. It always started from the inner side of the disc. I think it is caused by the silver layer going too close to the plastic ring so that the protective lacquer cannot cover it correctly. I think what happens is that the silver layer oxidizes and starts to flake off after a while. The process is accelerated a lot if you happen to have fingerprints on the vulnerable areas around the inner hub. You should check if the silver goes very very close to the plastic ring (bad!) or if it stops 2-3mm before the plastic ring, with the remaining distance covered by lacquer (good!). I think this is scandalous; very very bad quality control at Taiyo Yuden, as I said this happened to me with a lots of TY discs from several sources, but never with any other brand. TY is perfect as regards write quality, but mechanical quality leaves a lot to be desired IMHO.

P.S.: here’s a picture of a Plextor-branded TY disc where the silver layer starts to flake off. Note that on the top side, the silver layer goes very close to the inner hub (as opposed to the bottom, where it’s OK)

This sounds plausible, though I have never actually seen such a defect in my own media, and I have many hundreds of burned T-Y CD-Rs, mostly branded as FujiFilm.


Yes it is a geniune TY disk and so is the othe one I have with the same effect.

In that picture it is just reflecting light which was above the disk.

People are questioning this because they cannot believe their beloved TYs are not as good as first thought. I think we have all been drawn into using a make of disk by write quality and Kprobe read outs. When in fact on the egineering side they are not so hot.

Also the person who said when this happens the silver reflective layer starts to flake off is exactly right.

Maybe the FujiFilm branded ones are more closely quality controlled, thats what it is started to sound like.


The Picture was taken from the silver topside with a light above, the colours that you see are just the natural reflective colurs of the CDR.



I too have some unburned Ty’s hanging around that I bought within the last two years. I do not have any problems as you are showing, and some of those that I have burnt spent the summer and winter months in my wife’s car (just got a new car for myself, last one did not have a CD player, so It’ll take a couple of years of testing in my car) and do not show the same problems you are showing. The brand of TY’s are the Fuji’s. Some have the swirly tops and some are silver topped. No problems with any of them.

Since finding 50 packs of TY’s in my area is near impossible, I thought I’d try Ritek as they are highly regarded here. I bought some Ritdata CD-R’s a couple of months back (50 packs, bogo free at Radio Shack) and one cakebox had a handful of very poorly made media. Two of them you could see a visible line, like a break in the foil, from both sides of the blank CD’s, another three or four had scratches that extended through the lacquer into the foil, the lacquer was easily chipped and flaked when aggravated by my fingernail, resulting in the foil to chip out, too, and just about every disk in that cakebox has some piece of “dust” that is below the lacquer layer (topside) and/or some small scratch in the lacquer, most are very minor (i.e. do not flake off when aggravated, so I doubt they’re down to the foil layer). Since this was a BOGO free deal, I checked out the other 50pc. cakebox that came with the deal and those disks are 100% better, although many do have slight and small scratches, many also appear to be flawless. The “dust” in the lacquer and some of the lesser scratched discs that I have burnt burnt flawlessly and give excellent Kprobe results. I did not burn the ones with bad scratches and just for shits and giggles I burnt one of the discs with breaks in the foil and got excellent results with that one, too, but I did not trust it for anything but to see how it would burn. Riteks have been highly regarded, but this one time that I actually bought them, I am sorely disappointed in the finish quality of the disks. Next time, I’ll opt for some name branded Riteks vs. the Ridata brand, hopefully they’re better made.

I can second sTisTi’s experiences with TY discs flaking/rotting around the center hub. I have experienced this with several batches of Fujifilm-branded 80min discs and TDK-branded 74min discs TY CD-R discs purchased in 2001 (both with ATIP of 97m 24s 01f).

I’ll try to get a scan or two up here.

Saruman, try writing to Ritek USA via info@ritekusa.com and rma@ritekusa.com, and send them a photo of the bad discs along with the serial number from the hub of some of them, and see what they say. Ridata is Ritek’s own brand, and they should be fairly responsive to a complaint like yours.

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How are you storing your discs? Binders? Jewel cases? Spindles? Other methods?