TY's and NEC 3520A

Anyone tried burning with these?


I hear they’re legit TY’s, and can burn up to pretty much any speed. I was thinking about replacing my LiteOn 411s with a NEC 3520 and using these discs. Thoughts?

You would never convince me there ligit Tys, I have read numerous posts from at least four different forums at shop4tech and their legit TYS.

I, and many others, have purchase hundreds of these from shop4tech, meritline, and supermediastore. They are genuine TY and this has been confirmed by Rima and others who know much more about media than we do. They are 4X media; the 3520 will burn them at 8X with decent results. When these are gone, that’s it as they are discontinued and cannot last forever. I have scans below on many drives.

Yup, they are genuine TY discs. Think of it as clearance stock. :wink:

My thoughts are to switch my 3520 with a LG. The 3520 is average and sometimes strange (oh well, it works ;)) From what i read TY and LG is a great combo :slight_smile:

My LG is the best burner I own for these TYG01s.

I wasn’t referring to the Tys sold by any other place than Shop4Tech. I am well aware of Rima and supermediastore and Meritline. I have done business with them all, its Shop4Tech that I had a problem with the legitimate Tys.