Typical noob question

hi all, glad to be part of this site. while i am new to this forum i am not to others. so anyway, enough with the get to know you crap (just kidding). i downloaded GTA san andreas through bitcomet and i got an iso. don’t worry guys, i have done my research, i know what virtual drives and clonyxxl/a-ray scanner are and all that good stuff is. my question is this, when i mounted the iso on one my virtual drives in alcohol 120% it installed fine, but when i click on the shortcut icon it says i have the wrong disc, please insert the right disc. so i scanned it with clonyxxl and a-ray scanner and the iso came up with no protection. i have various burning programs, which one should i use? nero burning rom? alcohol 120%? efra recorder? the reason i have so many programs is because i learned certain encryptions can’t be written with certain programs. anyways, if i was to burn it (on blank dvd, of course), like on say alcohol120%, which type of disc would i classify it as? well, i think i babbled long enough and you guys get the point. plus i’m pretty sure this is a common problem i just wasn’t able to find it in the forums. so any help would make me greatly humble.:bow:

Perhaps you should do something rash like buying a lawful copy of the game (and please re-read the forum rules that you agreed to when you joined before posting again).