Typical Movie Size ~8GB?

I’m new to DVD burning for the purpose of backing up my movies. (I can’t keep a disk for a year before the kids scratch it.) I’ve noticed that the first few movies I’ve attempted to back-up are close to 8BG. Is this typical of a movie DVD as far as file sizes?


No, the size of the movie can vary by quite a bit… considering an actual movie can be anwhere from an hour to three of four hours, and considering that there may be as few as one video and one audio stream, or many.

Using DVDShrink, you can usually get such a “DVD-9” or “dual layer” DVD onto a 4.7GB DVD±R by removing some audio streams and special features.

Many movies fit nicely onto a single-layer disc, meaning around 4GB in size. Others are 8.5GB in size. Some (Lord of the Rings) get split down the middle and flow onto two discs. It’s all relative. More and more movies, however, are being put onto dual-layer discs, what with all the extras.