Types of cd to copy to



When I try to copy something to a cd I get a message “wrong type of cd”. I may be trying to copy some video of mine or music and it will tell me I need to use a different type of cd (cdrw or dvdr or cdr or whatever) than what I put in. Is this because of the program I am using or can you only use certain types of cd’s for copying? For example if I want to make a long music cd for myself like on a dvdr (120 minutes) it will tell me wrong type use cdr. Is this normal?:confused:


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Shouldn’t matter one bit what type (CD-R, RW) of disc you use, as long as there’s enough space on the disc you should be good to go.

What program are you using? Only time I ever saw that kind of message with a fresh blank disc, has been when certain other programs are installed. So, do you have Daemon Tools/Alcohol/PowerISO or anything similar installed?

If you do, don’t do anything (like uninstalling them) for the minute, as with Acohol/Daemon Tools at least, there are a couple of settings changes which could fix it.

Something else I’ll ask, is does the drive read burned or pressed CD media OK?

EDIT: How much you can fit onto a CD will depend on whether you are burning it as a data disc (i.e. as .mp3, .wav etc if your player supports those data formats), or as a regular audio CD. If burning as .cda (regular audio, like a pressed music CD), it should say on the disc packaging how much you can fit on - something like 70 minutes, 80 minutes etc. :wink:


No, you can not make a long music CD on a DVD-R. CDs and DVDs are two different things.



Your program may just be telling you that if you record the file type you are trying to record on DVD media it won’t be very compatable. You may be able to listen to it on your computer but not your standalone .
For example your standalone will probably play .mp3’s recorded on a CD -R as a data disc but if you record the same .mp3’s on a DVD disc as a data disc it won’t.
Edit: @ RichMan ,I was just a little slow on that one .Basically the same answer just put differently.


Thank you all for replying. I was using Neru. I don’t do a lot of copying so this puzzled me. Let me explain that I live in Pattaya Thailand now and am a manager of what we call A GoGo bar (similar to a topless bar but way better). I was trying to copy a video cd that we show of oily ladies dancing to a DVD-R blank disc and it told me I needed to use a CDR-RW type disk. There was plenty of space as I thought I could possibly add another of the cd’s to fill it out. It doesn’t say burned or pressed but will try again to see if I missed something out of frustration. Thanks again.


You’re probably looking at what is called a VCD (video cd), or a SVCD (super video cd), two formats that are fairly popular in Asia, but have been replaced for the most part everywhere else.

If you have the full Nero burning suite, you can use it to make a dvd-video using the VCD or SVCD as input and then burn to a dvd. This would mean re-encoding the video and there might be a slight loss of quality during this process. Nero Vision is the section within Nero that can make this conversion.

You can also use a free tool called AVStoDVD to convert the vcd into dvd video. You might be able to fit a couple of them onto a regular sized dvd. Both AVStoDVD and Nero should let you make menus to select which video you want to play. You can find AVStoDVD here: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/AVStoDVD

Of course this assumes there is no copy protection on the disk.