Type of Reader make a difference to ripping?

I’ve slowly been making backups of my DVD collection and up to now, I’ve encountered nothing that DVD Shrink alone can’t take care of. I’ll likely buy the 4 main Slysoft applications in the near future anyway, however I’ve always been impressed by how well DVD Shrink handles even the more recent titles I throw at it, despite not having been updated for a couple years now.

My question is does the drive you have reading the disc make any kind of difference as to what a DVD Ripping program can and can’t handle?

My computer is currently down for a few days, so today I tried continuing my backup project using my grandfather’s computer with DVD Shrink. Both movies that I’ve tried (Capote and Monster House) fail to work, DVD Shrink giving me the message “Invalid DVD Navigation structure”. I find it odd the immediately after changing computers, I finally hit a movie I can’t do. My grandfather’s computer is actually faster than mine in its processor with a bit more RAM. However, the only thing that’s different between the two that I can think would affect the ripping of the movie would be the drives.

I usually use my Lite-On SOHC-5235k combo drive for ripping, and burn with a Lite-On SHM-165H6S… the burner also seems to be an equally good ripper, but I don’t use it much. My grandfather’s computer is from a shop, so the DVD-ROM drive seems to be generic (even in the device manager, it’s simply described as a “DVD-ROM 16x”). Trying to rip in the burner produced the same error, it being listed as a “ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16” in the device manager… probably also generic. Since my computer currently is down, I can’t test either of these out rgith this moment to see if they’d rip properly there, however my gut feeling is that they would.

So I’m just wondering if anyone where could tell me whether the type of drive you’re using to rip makes any difference as to how much a DVD Ripping program is capable of doing.

Thanks in advance.

No, the drive used have make no difference. The drive can be important only if you are reading scratched discs: some drives are better than other to read damaged discs.

These discs are well know to have heavy protections, so dvd shrink is not able to manage these titles.

To manage these protections the drive make no difference. You need an updated tool like anydvd or the free ripit4me

It’s unusual. DVD Shrink has managed to rip a fair number of movies just as recent as Capote and Monster House without any problem… stuff like the second season of Deadwood, Poseidon, etc. I guess they just didn’t bother with such extreme copy protection methods on the others.

I guess now is the time to buy AnyDVD and its companion programs.

Being “just as recent as Capote and Monster House” is not the same thing of “containing the same protections”.

Different movies have different protections. Capote is know to have heavy protections.

If you want to give a try to free stuff, I suggest to use Ripit4me: it works and it’s frequently updated.