Type for your life!

Here’s a funny game, can you type fast enough to avoid getting eaten up by the sharks and piranhas?
I got to level 13 with a total of 406347 points and the rank Mud Sucker.
I actually killed myself, it was too easy and I was tired… But choose some other difficulty than easy and I think it will be a challenge to some :slight_smile:

that game rules.

That game is fucking ace, man!!!

Cool game!

Level: hard
level 14
Rank: SCUBA diver
897197 points
60 wpm
93% accuracy


Try Xtreme… you won’t get far! I didn’t… :slight_smile:

not fair!! level 16 is broken!

it wouldnt let me type :frowning:
i thought i broke my keyboard or something :frowning:

level 16
wpm: 96
accuracy: 94
rank, frogman

Got bored after level 18… (easy mode)

Gonna try hard level when i’m unbored…

Words per minute : 62
Accuracy : 92%
Rank : Expert Diver

Points : 825367
Level : 18

I was enjoying the game and starting to learn some new meaningful words (like fjord and extol), but then i got really stuck when characters like % # ! appear…lol…great game!