Tyler Perry's Temptation

anyone having problems with Tyler Perry’s Temptation???
I have tried version QT Beta & QT & neither one
will work. Any ideas???



Had to use other tools for this title

Not sure about version 8 but version works in main movie mode.

There’ll be a fix out for version 9 full disc mode very soon but I’m not sure if version 8 will be updated.


Version has just been released so you could give this a try or wait and see what happens with the version 8 updates.


There will be an update for v9 shortly for this disc. As a workaround with v9.0.4.7 or later or v8.2.2.9, Clone and any of the re-author copy modes (Main Movie, Customize/No Menus, Merge) should work.

Thanks for the heads up on that signals. :cool: