TYGO2 v's Yuden000T02

So the general opinion is that +r is superior to -r discs. So does the quality testing and scans from TYG02 and Yuden000T02 show any difference between quality? Is T02 better G02?

Don’t know were you got that general opinion.
Because It isn’t a gereneral opinion, because I also have seen it the other way from independant sources arround based on there test results.

Also a mayor influence is here support. SOme burners will burn TYG02 better some T02 and some don’t make a difference.

I think I may have seen Francksoy express that opinion in relation to the benq1640 with Yuden000T02. Perhaps if you state your burner make, model and firmware you will get some opinions relevent to your particular set-up.

Yep, depends on your burner and firmware, and what it likes best. :slight_smile:

I have burners that prefer -, and burners that prefer +. I tend to use the ones that like + the most, so that’s what I tend to buy (T02). :slight_smile:

my earlier yuden t02’s were slightly better than my tyg02’s, however my
newer batches are the other way around.
You can’t hardly go wrong with either burned at 8x.


Both my LG 4167 and my LiteOn 160P6s burn the 8x +R T02’s with higher Quality Scans and lower PIE & PIF’s and I received my current batch of T02’s within the last month from Rima-


I have the exact opposite to rbrtpl: I used to have perfect results with TYG02 and less than perfect with YUT02 on BenQ 1620 and LG 4163/5163, but my current spindle of YUT02 (+R) is impeccable, while my spindle of TYG02 (-R) has relatively high PIE rates. Quality scores are in the same region and every burn is fine on both media types. Both were bought at the same time (couple months ago) from the same supplier (cdrwinkel).

As these media are the best available on any drive that I have (or have seen tested), batch variation is probably the main deciding factor.

Both my BenQ 1620 & 1650 burn them really great. I usually get a 99 score when I burn them @8x