TYGO1 disc messed up bad



I dont understand. I ran tests and got good results. Now I try to play this disc in 3 different players and get the same problems. It pixelates, makes popping sounds and skips video all over the place. What is the problem I’m having?
Im beginning to think DVD’s are not a reliable source for archiving :frowning: My dvd is ruined now.


What is your source file? What are you using to copy/encode? What model is your DVD Burner? Does it play back fine on your PC?


I used Nero. I used the liteon 1633S at 4x. it doesn’t play on any of my machines even the one I burned it on. There’s a certain point on the disc where the thing will skip to different scenes, make chirping sounds, then at a certain point after all that is done, it goes to the beginning and plays fine but still missing scenes prior to it playing fine. I’m clueless. The test results say I have a very good disc :frowning:


Would you mind performing a tranfert rate test with this disc on the LiteOn?
Also what is the brand of these “TYG01”? There are fakes floating around…


The attachment is just two black boxes? I can’t see anything.


?? I can clearly see the two pictures… :iagree: - anyway the PI/PIF scan is actually OK, with just a small problem probably indicating a dirty spot (still well within specs).