TYG03 Write Strategy?

Does the 716sa have a write strategy for DVD-R TYG03? I’ve got some from staples and they don’t burn as well as the DVD+R YUDEN000 T02 that i’ve recently got from big lots. One other thing is that when i scan these on the plextor using plextools the YUDEN000 T02 gives me very similar results as my lite-on 1693, but the TYG03 gives me a lot higher pie/pif totals. Mostly higher pie’s. Here’s some recent scans that i’ve done on my lite-on 1693.

Both Burned at 8x on my 716sa and scanned on my lite-on 1693 in KProbe @ 4x:


PIE Total:7358
PIE Max:8
PIE Avg:0.47
PIF Total:37
PIF Max:1
PIF Avg:0.00


PIE Total:16976
PIE Max:14
PIE Avg:1.03
PIF Total:356
PIF Max:2
PIF Avg:0.02

I don’t see what the problem is. Max PIE of 14 and max PIF of 2 is an excellent disc. The totals are irrelevant in this case. If there wasn’t a write strategy for TYG03 you’d have an entry in the Autostrategy database. TYG03 is one of the recommended discs by Plextor so obviously it is properly supported in the firmware.

Yeah I understand what you’re saying I was just wondering why the DVD+R YUDEN000 T02’s burned a hell of a lot better than the DVD-R TYG03’s.

Here’s the same discs with plextools:
(Why is the TYG03 so different of a scan on my 716sa from my Lite-on? The YUDEN000 T02 scan is pretty much the same…)

Plextools 3.08 (Middle Accuracy):


PIE Total:10059
PIE Max:7
PIE Avg:0.59
PIF Total:318
PIF Max:1
PIF Avg:0.00

TA Test:
Inner L0: Good
Middle L0: Good
Outer L0: Good


PIE Total:193233<~~~~Much higher values than scanned on my lite-on :eek: why?
PIE Max:44
PIE Avg:10.98
PIF Total:672
PIF Max:2
PIF Avg:0.00

TA Test:
Inner L0: Very Good
Middle L0: Very Good
Outer L0: Very Good

Personally I don’t believe there is a better disk out there than a genuine unbranded Yuden000T02. Like you I have tried TYG03 and in comparison the scans look ugly BUT there is no real difference between PIE figs of 10059 and 1932333 or Max PIF of 1 or Max Pif of 2. Even though I know that one disk is no better than the other like you I still prefer the one that produces the prettier picture. So my solution has been not to buy any more TYGO3 - to stick with YUDEN000T02 and to hope that the rumours that T02 are being discontinued are just rumours

TYG01 (4x), TYG02 (8x) and TYG03 (16x) are Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media, while YUDEN000 T01 (4x), YUDEN000 T02 (8x) and YUDEN000 T03 (16x) are DVD+R. Which format works better for you depends on your burner. With the right burner, TYG0x DVD-R discs can have the same excellent results as YUDEN000 T0x discs. Here is an example of an excellent TYG02 scan: click.

It’s just a matter of time until the slower TY media is phased out. Just like TYG01 and YUDEN000 T01 4x discs today, TYG02 and YUDEN000 T02 8x media will be hard to find soon. Some major european suppliers of TY media don’t have YUDEN000 T02s listed anymore already, for example.

TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03 are still new. Once the firmware of the current drives matures, I’m pretty confident that the results will be excellent as well, as one can expect from TY. The german magazine c’t tested both media, and especially those new TYG03s did really great in the climatic stability and mechanical quality test.

Yesterday, I’ve ordered some TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03 discs for testing purposes myself. Looking forward to see how well they work with my BenQ DW1650.

You forgut TAIYOYUDEN (2x DVD-R by TY)… :wink:


I thought c’t hated Taiyo Yuden, because they gave TYG02 a – in climatic stability, but they gave YUDEN000 T02 a + in 2005. What did they give TYG03? Do you have a link?

TDK is selling lots of YUDEN000 T03s in 25 and 50 pcs cakeboxes in Europe…

Really? What EAN or similar ident-code is on those?

The normal. 4 902030 194437, Item Code: DVD+R47CBED25. (for the 25 pcs cakebox)
You can tell it from the form of the cakeboxes. TDK-code discs have a “normal looking” cakebox and are made by CMC or MBI, and the YUDEN000 T03 discs have a “That’s” cakebox.
Old stock is mostly TDK coded 16x +R discs, you might need to search and ask a little to find some TY media.

Also, what I’ve noticed is: Media brands (Verbatim, TDK) usually have their own media codes (MCC, TTH/TTG/TDK), but if the discs are TY, they don’t expect them to put their media code on the discs (unlike with CMC, Prodisc or MBI)…
And Verbatim trusts their media so much, they called the TYG02s [B]Advanced Azo+[/B] (the + was officially for 16x support :iagree: )…