TYG03 ... worst discs ever!

Alright - I am confused.

I have been a long time Taiyo Yuden user - I have always used the TYG02 discs and have always bought from shop4tech. These discs burn beautifully (see tyg02 attachment from nero dvd speed below)

I was running low on discs so I ordered 200 discs from shop4tech again, this time I got TYG03 discs. These discs are HORRIBLE - worse than any cheap media I’ve ever gotten “free after rebate” at (insert retail store of your choice) … (see tyg03 attachment from nero dvd speed below). Every one of these discs burns, but all fail when I attempt to read them later (from the screenshot, you can see why)

These discs are identified as TYG03 (See discID jpg attachment) and gh000142 on the inner rim.

I have duplicated these results on an NEC ND3520A drive, a ND3500A drive and a BENQ Burner (forgot model number) at work - all with the latest manufacturer direct firmware. The bad thing for me is that since I’ve owned these discs more than 30 days, Shop4tech has not responded to a single one of my emails, and it might not matter since I am outside of their 30 day return policy. Essentially, I am stuck with 200 Taiyo Yuden coasters.

Anyone else had any problems? Has Taiyo Yudens quality truly become this bad with their TYG03 line?


**Note on screenshots - The disc quality tests were done on a “StarLogic” branded DVD Reader. For some reason, it identifies the media code as the ’ symbol instead of TYG02/03. I confirmed the media type through the NEC Drives, however they don’t support the disc quality test from Nero. Let me know if additional information is needed.

Your NEC is able to perform quality scans, IIRC.
Have you tried transfer rate tests with your NEC? What do those look like?
Which GHxxxxxx batch code does your TYG03 have?

Any possibility you could scan those discs in the BenQ you mentioned? :slight_smile:

First, you cannot scan reliably with a ROM drive so your scans are not helpful. Second, although TYG03 discs are far from great they are OK when burned on the right burner and at the right speed. I have to limit these burns to 8X.

I got stuck with a batch of these and someone else mentioned their good luck on the 3520; I found they were decent as well. You should go here:http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/3520/

and get a newer firmware. Yours may not be the best for 16X media, even at 8X. I use 2.U5.

Sure I can post scan results from the BenQ next week (when I am back at work) - FYI I have done the scans on the BenQ drive in the past and the results are not identical but they are similiar - errors spike at the end of the disc.

And to anwser kg_evilboy, whenever I try to scan with the NEC drives it tells me the “Drive does not support this function” - See attachment below. The GH Batch code on the TYG03’s read : gh000142

Regardless of the scans, the bottom line is that the TYG03 discs have proven to be no good… movies skip or pause near the end, data errors when copying files from burnt discs, etc.

I’ll try and update my firmware to Liggy’s and see if it lets me do the read tests…

Nevertheless if even TYG02 discs look like this then something is either wrong with your scanning drive or your burning drive or your discs or both or all three of these.

Burning + scanning the TYG02 on the BenQ would be interesting too.
(Don’t forget enabling SolidBurn and WOPC! ;))

I bet if you burned thhose at 12X and scanned them in a BenQ you would like them alot better.:confused:

I have used this particular XXX142 patch as yours and it is very good to excellent , maximum of 600 PIF totals and 97 QS .
As every body here said : ROM drives are not reliable , use your BenQ drive to scan and post them here :slight_smile:

Ok, liggy’s firmware allowed me to use the NEC drive to perform the disc quality test on the TYG03’s…

New Results from the TYG02 and TYG03 (both performed on the NEC 3520) are below. The TYG03 is looking… not so good. Pitiful actually. The TYG02 has a nasty little spike at the end, but at least it plays fine.

I guess the next thing to check is a slow burn. 8x here I come…

PS - Thanks for all the feedback! You guys rock!

But you’re scanning at Maximum…might want to try 5x (I think that’s the standard, not sure). :slight_smile:

[B]Drage[/B] mentioned once that not only different models but also different NEC single units have their different favorite scanning speeeds. Some of the NECs do like 12x scanning speed.
You may try some other speeds and look which one produces the lowest error rates.

I also recommend going into Advanced and changing the scanning interval from 8 ECC to 1 ECC for more accuracy.

If TYG02 scans still look like this after applying these changes, I seriously believe that something is wrong…

kg_evilboy, thanks for the continued suggestions!

I’ve burnt a disc through the dvd speed tool at 8x and will kick off a 5x read (following Arachne’s suggestion) in a few minutes (I’ve dropped the interval down to 1 ECC)…

On another note, I am off to dinner. I will post the results of the read when I get back. Not that it means much, but a “quick scan” showed very good results - 11 for max PI Errors and 1 for max PI Failures. We’ll see what the real scan shows.

Thanks again everyone!


Take a look at the scan below using TYG03 media. That looks beautiful :slight_smile: - Aside from that one tiny spike, it was darn near perfect.

I’ll have to burn a movie tonight and see if it skips near the end, but based on the picture below everything look GREAT.

So in summary, if anyone has problems with this media, especially if they have an NEC drive:

  1. Update the firmware - hacked is better :eek: . I am using liggy dee’s firmware available at:
  2. Burn at a slower speed… the post below is at 8x.
  3. Buy the TYG02 media if you have a choice - I’ve always burnt those at 12x without any issues on my NEC’s so they end up potentially being faster.

And to everyone who responded, thanks so much for your help. I spent about a week trying to figure this out and went through about 15 blank discs in the process. Within an hour of posting on the forums it looks like I know what I have to do to use these discs :bow:

Glad it worked out. You are lucky to have the 3520 if you will be using TYG03. I have found no other drive that turns out as good a burn and 8X is the best speed.

I am sure others have found good drives, but of my 10, the NEC is the best.

Glad you came up with a solution. It’s long been a well known aspect of NEC drives that they’ve had much improved performance from using hacked firmware, so to most users of NEC drives this wouldn’t come as any suprise that it was a big improvement. Too bad that consumers have to hack the firmware and do NEC’s job for them. :rolleyes:

What fun would that be, they could never do it as well as the people here anyway.:bow:

Playing around with hacked firmware and strategy swapping does make things interesting. But I find it frustrating to think of how well some of these drives would be capable of performing if companies like NEC would actually put the effort into making them perform better (of course some do a better job than others, such as how well Benq drives usually perform with stock firmware). They have the necessary resources to do it, but with the improvements seen in hacked firmware releases it’s obvious that they aren’t putting much effort into it. These drives will never see their full potential if the manufacturers themselves are, at best, half-assing the firmware development. Hacked firmware can improve upon what they’ve been releasing but I doubt it would ever match the results that NEC would get if they put an effort into it, considering their resources compared to the basic resources of a few firmware hackers. The same holds true to some degree with most other drive manufacturers but NEC seems to be among the worst offenders when it comes to making good drives seem only average with their own firmware.

i too got similar results as yours in my pioneer 111L. they were 50pc sony branded yudens from staples when it was on sale. i was shocked when i saw the results and concluded that perhaps it was kept and shipped in a very warm truck.

batch number was gh000135.

my pie range were around the 300-600 range. the totals were in the millions

however my pif’s maxed at 2 or 1 and totals around 100 thousand.

for 16x media i stick to + cmc verbs. but 8x and below i’d still go for yuden

That’s explain why people here get 5+ DVD burners , a burner per media code :bigsmile:

I tried NEC 3570A (not a good drive) with TYG03 and it was horrible to say the least , Benq 1640 is awesome @ 8X , Pioneer 110 and 111L are very good @12X and LG 4167B was average @12x

Just to keep the record straight so others don’t get confused, LG drives, except for the 4166, don’t burn -R media at 12X. They revert to 8X.