TYG03 vs YUDEN000T03

Since YUDEN000T02’s are getting harder to source, ive looking to pick up some 16x TY, are the +R’s considered better than the -R’s as was the case with 8x’s. Im only planning to burn at 8x anyway, is it worth me going with the G03’s or T03’s or even the G02’s?


No point getting the 16x media to burn at 8x if 8x is still available. Just stick with TYG02.

Well, I would recommend TYG02 over any of the 16x.
YUDEN000 T03 of the TH000021 batch burn quite well though, and TYG03 also do. :slight_smile:
But only go for the 16x media if you have a recent burner which does burn these discs well (LG GSA-x10/12/20/22x, LiteOn LH-18A1x…) :wink:

Benq 1640 BSLB is what i am currently using. Ive heard BSLB doesnt have great write stratergies for 16x TY’s.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Benq 1640 BSLB is what i am currently using. Ive heard BSLB doesnt have great write stratergies for 16x TY’s.[/QUOTE]

I have the same drive/firmware and have some of the ‘Value Line’ TYG03, they burn pretty well in it, although I’ve only tried 8x so far. SB off WOPC on, PIE total around 80k, PIF total around 800. Not great but then I don’t see many people getting results matching TYG02.

I find that my Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden 16x media are better for high-speed burning than all my other DVD media, including Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004).

I’m not really talking about pretty scans but rather the fact that they almost never fail to burn and produce readable results, whereas that happens on occasion with other media.

I have posted enough scans of Plextor branded 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) so here are some scans of Plextor branded 16x DVD-R (TYG03).

  1. 8x P-CAV burn in a Pioneer DVR-111L drive that doesn’t like to burn any DVD media at 12x P-CAV or 16x CAV so I have to burn at 8x P-CAV/Z-CLV or 12x Z-CLV. (It’s a long and complicated story)

  2. 12x Z-CLV burn in same drive using a TYG02 write strategy

  3. 16x CAV burn in BenQ DW1655

  4. 18x CAV burn in Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7173A

Please note that the Plextor branded 16x DVD media (+ and -) is the only media so far that doesn’t produce coasters at 18x in my Optiarc drive, including other quality media such as YUDEN000 T02, MCC 004, SonyD21, Sony16D1, CMC MAG. AM3.

And as a contrast, I also have some rather mediocre Verbatim branded TYG03 media:

  1. 16x CAV burn in LiteOn SHW-1635S

Plextor media always have extra TY quality but usually are very expensive,following by Verbatim’s (in price)-These TY discs maybe are better in quality than “That’s” TY own brand.-Also very good results take with LG-H10N/H12N drives.

Plextor might be better but is not as cool as That’s.
I was talking about “LG GSA-x10/12/20/22x” which includes H10N and H12N. :wink:

I think talking burn 16x media @18x,after “DrageMester’s” post.
In this point Plextor TY looks like better in results.
As you wrote before,about new drives,you have meant,burn media in standard speed.

As I can get Plextor branded T03s cheaper than I can get Panasonic branded TYG03s, they’re probably my personal choice.

I tried one of the first Plextor batches of T03’s and although they were not up to TY standards, they were not bad. Panasonic seem to be switching there supply now, ive even seen some MII spindles.

-R or +R?
Are your T03s TH000021?

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]…Panasonic seem to be switching there supply now, ive even seen some MII spindles.[/QUOTE]


Mind you, the Freak in me would be tempted to try them if they were the right price :wink:

Ive only see MII on the 100 spindles, i believe they are some MIT’s aswell, as far as i know some of the printables are still TY.

Ive only ever used one spindle of the T03’s (+R) and they were 21’s.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Ive only ever used one spindle of the T03’s (+R) and they were 21’s.[/QUOTE]

Same as the only two spindles I have. :slight_smile:

I have used both the Panasonic TYG03 and Plextor T03’s and out of the two I will be going for the Plextor again… if I go for them again.

Also I am not very impressed with the last batch of 100 T02 (printable from SVP) as they seem to have dirt on about 30~50% of them and I am now having to check each one before the burn, even though they seem ‘stuck’ (in the way new disks are) together and not seen daylight from me there is ‘dirt’ or something I can see on the surface that if not removed will cause problems in the burn.

In fact the last few batches of TY verbatim, branded and unbranded TY have not burnt as well as the last 100~150 basic verbatim MCC 004 I have had and I will be only getting them from now on for my LG.

Just checked my T03 (Plextor) batch number and its also TH 000021 (from SVP), Panasonic’s TYG03 are GH 000073, Verb TYG03 are GH 000135 and T02’s are TG 001162.

Ohhh. After you saying that, I’m just gonna have to burn a couple of my own 100 pack of the same. :eek:

Thanks for the info on the printable T02’s Lenny, they come in the plastic cello/shrink wrap right? Prehaps they dont travel well, if there is an issue with the discs though, SVP will definitely resolve it, i suggest you drop them a line.

I emailed steve at SVP regarding non-printable T02’s (the unbranded ones), and he said that those particular discs didnt sell very well in relation to other TY’s so were pulled, and are unlikely to return. Although i imagine with the other 8x Yudens severly limited in recent times, they may sell better nowadays.

Guess ill probably plump for the Plextors T03’s again, Im just about to finish my last 25x spindle of TYG02’s Panasonic Printables, burned around 150 in total and they have all been very good.

kg, whats the significance of the TH000021 serial? :slight_smile:

Hmm, have only seen them in b&m stores, £30 for 100 :disagree: Think ill stick to TY at that price, unless youre really freaky :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]kg, whats the significance of the TH000021 serial? :)[/QUOTE]

That particular batch (at least the Plextor-branded variant) generally give burns which scan similarly to 8x TY media, but not always…

Only other T03 batch code which gives similar scans posted on this forum so far are some TH000020 (Verbatim-branded).

I have not used any TYG03 but it seems there are some batches of that which also can scan/burn aswell as 8x TY.

they come in the plastic cello/shrink wrap right?

Yes, and as I get them I open and put into a pair of 50 cake boxes, so there is no chance of anything getting on them.

I never even used to turn the new disk over, just open and put into the drive.
But I have just been thru my burn/test logs and IMO I over estimated the number, I have burned 50’ ish, and I have 3 that I did not catch before the burn and lets say since I saw the first problem there have been 7~10 with bits … I scanned the disk saw the blip took the disk out and I looked and I could see a tiny bit of ‘something’ I blew it and it went but left a bit where you could see the laser had not turned the dye, went back to the others and saw the same missing bit. So it was not as bad as I said before, but I seem to remember another post where it was said the printable surface might have come off onto the disk above and this could be the same sort of thing

Since I will now check everyone before the burn, and as I have used half I will not back them to SVP (but I am sure they would sort something out) I might drop them an e-mail about it. I have just had a quick check and I have just seen another two with the partials :frowning: But you can just blow them off… most of the time.