TYG03 (Verbatim) and Liteon SHW-16H5s problems

Been reading thru stuff here, but cant get an answer i seek.

I have a cake of 50x Verbatims Adv AZO+ 16x DVD-r’s purcaced on ebay (same dealer i always buy from). Manufacturer code TYG03, as per usual. Drive is LiteOn SHW-16H5s.

The problem: cant burn slower than 6x and need 2.4x. Couldnt care less how fast they burn, recently it was a problem of getting disks that burn SLOW…

The burner allows me to choose from speeds from x6 to x16.

Tried some crappy Tesco disks and they burned 1x to 8x. I’ve been using verbs for many years now, so reluctant to switch to other brand.

Now, i have brought one of the disks of that batch to work to check. Drive is LiteOn SOHW-1633s. Burns 1x-8x.

Both drives have been flashed to most recent firmware. Yesterday. Taken from liteon official site.

So, whats the problem ? Newer drive wont record the way i want, while older one happily does that easy ??? What gives ?

2.4x is for DVD+R only, but please tell us, why do you want to burn so slow?

Older drive is crap, that’s why.

16x media should be written @ 6x or above IMO so the writer is working perfectly it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Write @ 6, 8 or 12x and do a quality scan in nero cdspeed. I’m sure the results will be acceptable :slight_smile:

Console backups (do i get banninated now ?games are owned btw, not that it makes much difference really).
Console optics are notoriously crap, so 4x is the best they can handle in my opinion.

I usually record @ 2x-4x and the last pie of verbs i got wont burn lower than 6x, ant drive effectively becomes coaster maker…

It does work for pc stuff… I do a bit of videoediting and it does work well for the purpose…

Well first things first, you won’t get banned for console backups here. And yes it does make a difference if you own them or not lol.

Anyways, what do you mean that the drive effectively becomes a coaster maker?? The old 1633 Liteon? That already is a coaster maker since new media + this drive probably don’t mix too well. Have you tried the 16H5s?

I’m a very experienced console backup artist, believe me. Getting the right media for your writer and writing @ an optimal speed is far more important than just getting any discs and writing slow as possible thinking that the slowness will make the burn more compatible.

I find that on 16x media in a newish writer, you should burn @ 8x for best results. It produces the lowest jitter and lowest PIE/PIF most of the time. It’s important to have low jitter in fussier old consoles like PS2 for example. 8x achieves this nicely, whereas 4x and lower can actually make jitter and errors rise more often than not. This is because the 16x media is designed for faster speeds. With 8x media, you can more often than not get nice burns out of 4x. But 16x media is a totally different story.

This is based off my own experience and many others on this forum. So if you find that writing @ 4x or slower [I]actually[/I] does make the game work better, then that’s ok, I urge you to keep writing @ the speed that works for you. But if you’re going off a hunch or bad speculation from other sites and never really tried a newer writer @ 8x, than you should give it a shot because I can assure you that in a newer writer + 16x media, 8x is perhaps the most reliable and compatible speed you can use :slight_smile:

Well, just did a burn for one of new kids games for them to tear it apart (paper mario). Burn done on work machine with SOHW-1633s at 2x…And it works perfect. So, now tell me why do i want a new burner ? :smiley:

So, any more ideas how to knock speed off my "new"drive ?

#Edit# New post while i was typing.
The OLD drive does record at low speeds, no problems, see above. All the trouble comes from the new SHW-16H5s that wont record at any speed below 6x. And at 6x its a coastermaker when nintendo wii backups are considered…

Have you actually tested discs written at faster speeds recently (with the new drive)? I’ve found with those discs (Verbatim TYG03s), that 12x provided the best quality one a Pioneer 212 and 16x with Lite On 20A1L. 4x actually gave poorer quality. It is a myth that slower burning speed always equals better quality (this is only ever true if you use media which is only designed to be used at low speed, for example the old TYG01s).

I dont need to test them on PC. I already know that they work. My disks written @6x are unusable on Wii… Tested on all speeds from 6x

So you have tested this with those discs on the new drive?

I’ve never found 6x to give (as) good quality with any discs…


New drive SHW-16H5s - makes wii coasters at any speed, minimum allowed speed is 6x.
Old drive SOHW-1633s - makes proper working backups, speed range 1x-8x.
Disks are Verbatim Advanced SuperAZO+ 16x, TYG03.
Firmware updated yesterday.

Oh yeah, about all who bark on the old software.

Old drive is operated with Nero6, while the new one with new Nero7…
I get the impression that newer i go the worse the compatibility issues become…

Nowt wrong with Nero 6.

I’ve seen no reason to update yet, especially as the suite is becoming ever bigger.

Just tried Nero8 on my problematic SHW-16H5s - no better results. Same crap. Minimum speed is 6x whereas i need 2x.

If 6x or 8x REALLY doesn’t work in your Wii - I urge you to download cdspeed http://www.cdspeed2000.com/download.html

Do a quality scan of the 8x burn in the 165Hs and then a scan of the 2x burn from the 1633. Scan @ 4x with the 165Hs. I’d really love to see how these ultra compatible 2x burns scan in your drive.

Btw it’s possible to write @ 2x but you’d require some FW tweaking. I think it’d be more of a placebo affect for you…

I wonder if only placebo effect.

I know for a fact that PS2 also doesnt like fast recorded stuff. While its a wee bit more tolerating than wii, the games get skippy videos and sometimes sound (if streaming), so, even if i use TYG03 media i always recorded at 2x-4x to fix the skipping.

I’m no professional in recording but was recording stuff since i got my first, bloody expensive cd recorder back in the day. Did a fair bit of overburning and all that. I’m not into media lab tests, scans and all that. What i’m saying is i’m not a “noob”, and lying on the forum about effects of recording (to get attention) is not my style… Too old for that :smiley:

Did one quality scan @4x of properly working RE4Wii recorded on 1633s (@2x). Now left scanning freshly baked 6x recording of 16h5s. Will post screenshots today in the evening.

Ok, here’s the scans. I have made NEW burns for this test. Same image of RE4WiiEd used for all 3 burns. All quality scans performed @4x on troublesome LiteOn SHW-16H5s recorder.

  1. Burned with SOHW-1633s @2x, works perfectly on Wii PAL.

  1. Burned with SHW-16H5s @6x (minimal speed allowed). When inserted into Wii it makes cranky sounds. No reading at all. Unusable.

  1. Burned with SHW-16H5s @16x (maximum speed allowed). Strangely enough game channel loads, the game itself runs with loads of groaning from the drive mechanics, frequent “cannot read” errors, effectively unplayable.

I have thrown out unplayable 8x burned disk. But the bottomline is still the same - 2x burn on old drive works, while new drive makes wii-coasters.

What do you people make of these scans ? I’m not really quaified to comment on any of them.

P.S. Why the heck scanner reports disks as burned on SONY ?

Those results definitely aren’t what I’d expect from TYG03 at any speed.

In my personal experience, the Verbatim branded TYG03s aren’t as good as say, the Panasonic or Mediastar branded ones.

While they’re not terrible scans, and ironically the readable one is slightly out of spec PIF-wise at the end, I’d probably end up trying different discs or a different drive.

Just MO. :wink:

Oh, the Sony thing…a lot of LiteOn burners report that on -R media, nothing to worry about.

Can you run Transfer Rate Tests on your newest Litey (Run Test -> Transfer Rate Test with the Benchmark tab open)?

Isn’t Taiyo Yuden supposed to be a bad choice for console backups, due to low reflectivity? If you wanna use the newer drive I suggest updating to the new firmware that supports Hyper Tuning, Online HyperTuning, overspeed, and Smartburn. HT and OHT can adjust media speed so that your burn is optimal, hopefully enabling it to play in picky consoles. If the 6x strategy leaves something to be desired HT and OHT may improve it enough to work for you. You could also use Mediacodespeededit to swap a lower speed strategy in place of the TYG03 strategy but results may not be too good.
http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=192707&highlight=16H5S has firmware that enables OHT and HT.

Threedee- those results look bad @ all speeds unfortunately. There’s a solid wall of PIF on all burns :eek:

Btw, you may find that Verbatim media can work much better. That’s proper made in Taiwan Verbatim. 8x Verbatim is also very good. It may pay to give them a shot if you can find a small amount in shop near you or something.

I’ve burnt a number of PS2 discs ok Verbatim 8x -R discs. They are extremely compatible and burn very well also. I have never encountered skippping or playback issues whether I burnt @ 4x, 6x or 8x.

Also this is how one of my TYG03 burned @ 8x looks -

So, what you’re saying is my drive (SHW-16H5s) is essentially crap and i should replace it ? I mean the scan thingy ? Is it really bad ?

Or is it media thats crap ? Fake mebbe ?

Oooh… I just remembered i still have LiteOn DH-20A1P in an external enclosure. Gonna go rip it out… Do some burns/scans…