TYG03 - Uncorrectable errors!

Damn I didn’t think this would happen, but the fussy behavior of the 111L is helping to detect some bad discs it seems?

This burn was done @ 4x with the H22N. Dunno why the 111L is failing the TRT but it TRT other TYG03 with no problem.

I’ve attached a 16x scan 4x scan, and some TRT. I don’t really use my 111L that much for TRT but after this, I’m going to have to, if the 111L fails to read, my PS2 has a high chance of also failing.

This is yet another wake up call for me as I was getting lazy with TRT recently. Who would have thought this disc would fail a TRT???

Btw, I tried TRT more than once on the 111L and it fails each time at the same point.

maybe your pioneer is dying.

There’s a small PIF spike at 0.45 GB where the TRT fails. Can you tell me if this corresponds to a speed-change or re-linking point for the H22N drive?

Not sure drage, I’ll do a test burn now with the H22N @ 4x, just to see what it does. I know the drive simply writes @ 4x CLV but it most likely does have a re-calibration point where it re -links.

EDIT: I’ll burn the same image so it’s as close as possible to the burn that failed the TRT.

No there isn’t. The TRT fails at 0.45 GB and the PIF spike is at 0.55 GB. :doh: :o

Still, it would be nice to know if 0.45 GB corresponds to a re-linking point on the H22N.

Well, there’s a very close relinking point. This next burn passes TRT though. Dunno why th last one still failed…

LOL I burnt the wrong image… now I have two working backups of one discs :expressionless:

Still a little bit of a mystery as to why the disc didn’t TRT. I am going to inspect it carefully on the underside of the disc. Maybe some visible defects?

I keep two working backups anyway (paranoid, moi?) :o