TYG03 silver printable 100 for £34.99

Has anyone seen these at SVP?

I’ve just ordered a pack as I’ve previously had the TYG02 silver printable from osmediatrade and the surface was very good.

Hi upbeat

Good new / Bad news time.

Bad news: That price on the website was an error on the part of SVP. I’ve corrected the price but kept it as low as I possibly can.

Good news: We will honour the order you placed at the lower price.

Really sorry for the error.


Just bought the Datawrite Titanium version. I assume the media is of the same quality as it has the same Verbatim code?

:clap: good to see :iagree:

Datawrite doesn’t fall under MCC quality procedures it’s a unauthorized product . So the quality doesn’t have to be as good or consistant as Verbatim in the long run.