TYG03 - seems like faily inferior DVD-R media



Regarding the subject line, I’d like to add: “seems like faily inferior DVD-R media considering the hype around TY media and the fact it is usually higher in price”. It just wouldn’t fit in the subject line. :wink:

I normally use +R media and have loved the +R TY with my LiteOn drives (832S and 165H6S). My local supplier was out of +R TY so I thought I’d give the -R TY a shot. So far this TYG03 (premium line, made in Japan, real deal stuff) has been less than impressive. I’ve tried more than one firmware and writing strategy (SB, HT, OS, OHT) and overall I’ve been very disapointed (again, considering the hype, the price I payed for it and the scans on other types of media I’ve seen).

Now I thought maybe it was just my batch, my burner or setup… however looking around the forum for the last hour or two at TYG03 scans, I’ve seen faily inferior results for TYG03 burned with various burners and scanned using various readers (including Pioneer, LG, NEC, BenQ and LiteOn). Granted there are some decent scans here and there, however I’d say at least 50% if not more are beat out by a lot of other types of apparently “inferior” media.

Here are some scans I took yesterday to demonstrate the quality I’m getting. Overall it’s a little worse than the average I’ve seen on TYG03, but not by much.

I’ll include one TRT for reference, but all the TRT scans look the same. Nice and smooth.

Burned and scanned on Lite-On SHM-165H6S (HV9N)
TYG03 16x DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden branded)
CD-DVD Speed Create Data Disc (Image 4462MB MB)

TYG03 burned at 16x

Burned and scanned on Lite-On SHM-165H6S (HV9N)
TYG03 16x DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden branded)
CD-DVD Speed Create Data Disc (Image 4462MB MB)

TYG03 burned at 12x

Burned and scanned on Lite-On SHM-165H6S(HS0E)
TYG03 16x DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden branded)
CD-DVD Speed Create Data Disc (Data 4465 MB)

TYG03 burned at 16x

So does anyone have any comments or suggestions regarding TYG03? Granted the scans above are passable, I’m not going to toss them in the dumpster by any means. However I had expected better with TY and paid for the “quality”. With these results and the other results I’ve looked at, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more TYG03’s any time soon!


Seems like a typical result with TYG03 and a liteon writer.


Even the BenQ’s, LG’s and Pioneer’s of the world seem to have sub-par results too. What a pity. I suppose I should have looked into it before cracking the cakebox. Never had issues like that with TY media in the past though. If I would have known ahead of time I might as well have bought the “Valueline” stuff as it was 100 for almost the same price. I imagine the quality wouldn’t be much worse either.


I only ever used 2 pieces of TYG03 (sent to me by someone to try, Panasonic branded), and I can’t for the life of me remember which burner I used for them. :doh:

But IIRC, I much preferred YUDEN000 T03.

OT - Nice to see you somewhere other than the Quest…, Ssseth :wink:


T03 Particularly the TH000021 batch produces fairly good results (96-99 results on my dw1640, most commonly 97/98 QS, even lower PIF’s on my DW1650) they do seem to have the edge over TYG03 but of course cannot touch T02 or TYG02


Agreed. I’ll be staying away from the TYG03 for now. It would be good if people kept this type of thing in mind before just saying “TY is the bomb” and such things. :wink:

Thanks, it feels odd to be out after a couple years just in the Quest. Almost like I’m naked or something!!! :eek:



In my opinion, TYG03 is not bad as such - the problem is that Taiyo Yuden quality control isn’t good enough to keep the quality fairly stable. Similar problems are happening to other manufacturers, presumably due to cost cutting.

Here are two of the best TYG03 burns I have. They are Plextor branded TYG03 (GH000142).

  1. Burned at 8x in Pioneer DVR-111L 8.26
  2. Burned at 16x in BenQ DW1655 BCGB

I have some Verbatim branded TYG03 that are not as good. I’ll look for scans…


You can have more luck with a burner of the 18x generation. The newer LiteOns like them more.

Generally for T03, TH000021/20 are excellent (my TH000021 even surpass quite some of my T02 if burned in the right burner (= LG)), while TH000015, TH001330/1331/1333 are often sub-par or only average.

But TYG03 has one major advantage over YUDEN000 T02, YUDEN000 T03, and TYG02. Stability. It was excellent in the c’t stability test.


Verbatim branded TYG03 (GH000126). Not as good as the Plextor branded batch above.

  1. Burned at 12x in BenQ DW1655 BCGB
  2. Burned at 16x in BenQ DW1655 BCHB
  3. Burned at 12x in LiteOn SHM-165P6S MV96


For comparison, a batch of unbranded Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R (TYG02) actually produces worse results than my Plextor branded TYG03 above.

This is a small indication of what I mean when I say that I think the problem is recent TY quality control and not the TYG03 media as such.

  1. Burned at 12x in Pioneer DVR-111L 8.29


Ssseth, what does ‘faily’ mean? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding TYG03, Drage hits the main point - TY quality control isn’t that great for this media. Drive/firmware support also could be better, but then that’s true with a lot of media, TY just gets the benefit of this excuse more than other media because of peoples’ perceptions of TY being God-like. :rolleyes: I have cheaper, ‘lowly’ media that burns very well with proper drive support but people are much quicker to claim it’s poor media rather than a lack of drive support, because it doesn’t have the reputation that TY and other premium media does.

The only TY03 I’ve used is under ‘Value Line’, and it burns fairly well. Burned and scanned in my Benq, total PIE is around 80k, total PIF around 800 (which generally translates into about half those totals in my Liteon).


I’ve never had a problem with TYG03 (Panasonic branded) , in fact my Benq 1640 loves them @8X

They are GH000157 (Is this new?)

First two discs of spindle were horrible (total PIF wise) but they are getting more and more “beautiful” when I dig down the spindle (SB is doing a great job here) :bigsmile:



I agree there are some exceptions, I didn’t say it was all bad. Just more bad than I would expect based on the [U]reputation[/U] for consistant quality. In that regard DM seems to be on the same page as what I was seeing.


Apparently it means something because the spell check didn’t catch it.

By the way, good catch! Here’s a medal!



Funny medal that is :bigsmile:

What does DM mean ? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right about inconsistant quality in 16X TY variations , it seems to be a repetitive pattern with technology , older is always better quality and newer is more advanced with less quality . I was amazed that Rima is selling TYG03 for 7$ more than TYG02 :Z


My Yuden T03’s, TYG02’s, T02’s and TYG03’s are extremely good, but there are variations it seems :frowning:


I have had great luck with these I picked up off ebay :o

But I got them in a deal with some Sony 8x DVD+R MIJ so I had to risk it
and I was glad I did, these are premium 50 cake packs TYG03 16x DVD-R Serial #GH00076



Sorry, I meant DrageMester. :slight_smile:

Not too shabby. I like PIF total under 500 and prefer under 300 with a max of 3, maybe one 4 here and there. Few too many 6’s there for ‘premium media’, but that’s just my opinion. Granted there a lot of factors that might have that disk scan with no 6’s on a different drive and perhaps I can be too picky some times. :wink:

Again, not disputing the fact there are some good batches/scans out there. If you spent time like I did searching for TYG03 scans on this forum though you’d see consistency seems to be a problem (on more than one type of burner or scanner). A large chunk of these TYG03’s seem to be sub-par (again, compared to what you’d hope to expect from TY).

Who knows, perhaps I’m reading too much into the scans. But if I’m going to spend the time scanning, I might as well live by that decision. We all know 99% of people have no idea what the scans we are talking about mean anyway and they are happy unless the NOTICE a defect (much too late by that point unfortunately). :wink: My only consolation is that they are TY though, so I will keep them. :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re judging those scans in comparison to Liteon scans. A PIF spike of 6 is nothing on a Benq and generally will equate to a PIF spike of 2 on a Liteon. Error totals will also generally be about 2x+ on a Benq vs. a Liteon.


Thanks, I seem to have missed that. :iagree:


hmmm I’m going to have to be a bad guy here and say quality scans are pissing me off.

You guys are basing the media’s performance purely off these ridiculous “home made” scans. It’s just a liteon and a Benq writer, which ppl use to rate quality of discs, you cannot trust them to tell you what will work and what definitely won’t. They can be wrong, very wrong.

I’ve had discs with high PI never ever skip or have any problems in peoples dvd players then I have had ones with low PI fail miserably.

Just because you have a scan with 25 average PI and max of 80, it doesn’t make it a bad burn. The reflectivity could be high, the bonding of the disc could be great, the longevity and stability of the media could be of high standard which would all make it 10x better than any other media that “scans” better in your liteon/benQ.

You called the media fairly inferior. Perhaps your liteon or Benq is fairly inferior. There’s no actual proof to say your TYG03 are inferior by any means. Just a cd speed graph with numbers on it.