TYG03 on 3530?

Hi. I’m new to the forums so I apologize if this is a dumb question. I just got a batch of Silver Lacquer TYG03 from Rima, but I’ve recently heard that these won’t burn as well as the TYG02s. I have a 3530a from a Dell computer with firmware 104C, and I’m wondering if the 03 is fine or if I’d be better off with the 02s. Unfortunately the firmware I’m on right now doesn’t allow quality testing so I can’t tell how well they’re burning. Is there a firmware that I should upgrade to that might make them burn better, as I’ve heard that the problem with the discs is that an older firmware doesn’t know how to write to them? Also, is there any consensus on what the best speed is to burn them at? I’m looking for ideal media for burning wii backup games. Thanks.

TYG02 is usually more compatible than TYG03 and this is the major reason for the burn quality difference, but it is said that TYG03’s stability is better.
Usually there’s nothing to worry though.
If you want to check the burn quality: Your drive supports Disc Quality tests with Nero CD-DVD Speed. You can also run a Benchmark test to find out whether the drive and the disc can deliver full speed.

If you need fresh firmware, Liggy and Dee (http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/NEC-ND-3530A/) have some.

Thanks! I looked at the site though and it seemed like my firmware (the Dell 104C) was the most recently released, and it seemed to have, for example, a 1.03 strategy for DVD-R when the others had 1.02. I wouldn’t want to inadvertantly flash it to an older firmware that’s LESS compatible with the new discs, but I also can’t test disc quality on this firmware.