TYG03 - My impressions

Finally found some TYG03 locally. Verbatim branded and more expensive than normal verbatim.

First thing I noticed was that the packaging was pretty crap. There was no foam spacer on top and the discs could move freely. This can cause scratches and whatnot easily. So if you got a spindle like this and it was mis-handled during shipping, you couldn’t blame the bad scans on TY for having a poor batch but rather TY for not packaging them properly.

There’s a bit too much dust on the discs for my liking. I am finding myself wiping off the dust on almost every disc so far. With verbatim I will get the odd disc with a bit of dust on it but if I dive in deeper into the spindle, I can always find perfect discs. This is not really the case with these TYG03.

The scans are ok. Nothing special to be honest. Most discs have above 1000 PIF. Playback in my DVD players is flawless. TRT in my fussy liteon is not always perfect though.

As far as I am concerned though, TY 16x media is not as good as verbatim. Sure this is only one spindle, but for the price I can get verbatim and CMC MAG E01, there’s no need for over priced and overrated TY media.

I will be updating with more scans in the next day or so in the media testing forum. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1784403#post1784403

I’ve always thought that Verbatim branded TY media would be the best media ever :bigsmile:

In my experience , Panasonic branded TYG03 (specially batch [B]GH000157[/B]) is the best media I’ve ever used , LiteOn 20A1P beats my 111L and Benq 1640 with TYG03 hands down.They are even better than the most appreciated media here , TY T02 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m wondering how your 111L scans look, since I have a 111L also. I am not complaining about TYG03’s performance in scans at all, it’s not spectacular but scans don’t equate to how well discs play back.

Btw, my discs are GH000155.

Have you tried some YUDEN000 T03 yet, [B]cd pirate[/B]?
Great scans, and (IMO) great playability :slight_smile:

I’ve burned a few 100’s TYG03 (TY printable branded/unbranded & Verbatims) and never had a problem. Compatibility is 100% in my circles too. I wouldn’t worry… but for the price :wink: Mine usually have deadly low PIE and avg PIF (500-1000 total) and jitter about 10% :slight_smile:

Here’s a scan of an unbranded - a little above avg as far as i remember…

That’s a good result, CJ2, and I agree, so far compatibility is 100% fine on whatever I have tried it on.

I will also add that so far the speeds I have burnt with have yielded very respectable results. One thing I should note is that 12x works very well on ALL my drives. MCC004/03RG20 produces bad burns with my 4167B and my H22N produces large spikes of PIF and bad jitter @ 12x. So far the TYG03 has been very acceptable with lower jitter and no spikes etc @ 12x.

Will do some more 8x burns and possibly some 16x as well tonight :slight_smile:

As I said before though, since I can get CMC MAG E01 for almost half the price, I don’t think I will be buying many more TYG03 @ this price.

EDIT: KG, I would have gotten some of the +R but I didn’t look around enough. Not sure if they had it. Being a cdfreak though, I would probably buy a spindle of T03 if I found it hehe.

What was your batch # cd pirate? I got mine today from JB Hifi also, GH000163. Scans are nothing to write home about.


Yeah my burns have the same PIF look, with them all being spread out quite evenly, but always more than 1000 total.

I’m going to do some 16x and 18x burns and post them later in the TY thread in the media tests section.

I flashed my LH18A1P drvies to BenQs :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]EDIT: just done a few 16x burns and I’m getting almost identical results to what you just posted, Dicer. [/B]

You mean like these ones? :stuck_out_tongue:


[B]cd pirate:[/B]

If the E01 media you are using is giving you excellent writing results & great consistency, then I would advise you to get as many as possible quickly before it is no longer available. From the serial you posted previously, the media was manufactured in 2005, and is no longer easy to source for me under any good brands.

The possibility of finding media of equal consistency & writing quality/compatability is low IMO, especially for a low price :wink:

I have some Verbatim +R 16x YUDEN000T03. IIRC they
were reasonably well packaged with foam spacers on
top. They were relatively dust free.

Scans here:

The only TY G03 discs I can get locally are Panasonic -R 16X.
I get pretty good results with these discs. Not as good as minaelromany’s
scans but fairly good compared to most other 16x -R discs. I’m
inclined to agree with you about TY made Verbatims. They are good
discs, but not any better than MIT or MII Verbatims.

I took my Benq 1640 and put Pioneer 111L and here is the scan (just for you :flower: )

Not as good as 20A1P’s 16X burn here and here ,but good enough :bigsmile:

skelton , what is your Panasonics batch number ? any chance for some scans ?

Nice burn there, minaelromany. My burns in the Pioneer do not scan that well. The TYG03 also refuse to burn above 12 in my 111L. It will get to about 14x then slow back to 12x for the rest of the disc.

Btw, I’m not saying your TRT is meaningless, but most liteons are great readers. I can get discs to TRT quite well despite having loads of PIF (10,000+) in my liteons and LG. I use my Liteon combo drive or my 111L for TRT these days as they are many times more fussy than the liteons of LGs. I find that even some discs with good 16x scans and 4x scans, will have TRT problems in my liteon combo drive. With that having been said though, I rarely ever see a disc with poor scans TRT perfectly in that drive. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen an average disc TRT perfect in that drive lol

It may pay to use the 111 for TRT, even though it’s slower, it still has more trouble reading discs that are not perfect.

Your Panasonic scans look very nice :clap:

My current batch are GH000144.

I will post some scans soon. I have just bought a new LH-20A1P.
With a bit of luck, it will be half as good as yours.

skelton , congrats for the new 20A1P (one of the best burners these days at least for me :slight_smile: ) , looking forward for your scans

Here is a TRT performed with Pioneer 111L (Note that alot of activities were running in the background) :

I will get more of them when I go to Cairo in a week or so although in a day or two I will be getting 100 TY T02 (Sony) bought for 25$ and 100 NEXXTECH DVD+R CMC MAG E01 bought for 16$ (deal hunting across the ocean is awesome :bigsmile: )

But as you all new ,that is not enough media :wink:

I’ll do a few Panasonic and Verb ones (with jitter this time!) when I’m done with what I’m doing (probably later today).

I agree with your first impressions, cd pirate - the Panasonic scan I posted a few days back I’m sure was just a fluke, but we shall see. :slight_smile:

Someone in the EU is gonna have to help me get some Panasonic TYG03!

Panasonic 16x -R TYG03
Burner LH-20A1P fw KLOG
burned at 16x. Scanned at 4x and 16x

You better start sucking up good :bigsmile:

This is my best result with TYG03. The disc was from a spindle of the long-gone Sony-branded TYG03. I think the stamper code was GH000076.

The grass is always greener on the other side :slight_smile: Our local
PC world has a few spindles of Panasonic G03 left, but they
don’t burn any better than your Sony G03s. They have lots
of Panasonic -R 16x MII in stock. I have to do some serious
digging to find the MIJ packs. At least they are clearly
labelled Made in Japan.