TYG03 - Mixed batch of discs?

I decided to get another spindle of verbatim branded TYG03 since they were on sale here for the cheapest price I’ve ever seen TYG03 for.

Anyways, my last batch I think was GH000155? This batch is GH000155 at the top but then after a few discs it changes to GH000169. The scans seem very similar at the moment. I’ll post a few here. Has anyone had this before with multiple batches?

I still get the feeling from these verbatim branded TYG03 that they aren’t A grade TY. There’s no foam spacer on any spindles so the discs move around freely. They also seem to have PIF clumps and rises in exact same spots. On this spindle so far, every disc has shown the same trend with the PIF clumps and spikes.

Yes, I had much better scans with Verbatim YUDEN000 T03 and Panasonic and That’s TYG03. My Verbatim TYG03 were not as bad as the ones you posted, but not nearly as good compared to the other media mentioned before.

I’ve had a TDK 25 disc pack with YUDEN000 T03 of both TH000021 and TH000015 batches. TH000021 was great, TH000015 was only average.

I checked some more of my last spindles burns, and they all seem to be GH000155 discs. This new spindle is only GH000155 for the first few, rest seem to be GH000169. They all scan pretty identical with the PIFs - it’s certainly a disc problem that is unrelated to dust or scratches since all discs so far are spotless.

I am not complaining though, they all seem to be very dust free and just seem that bit nicer than the last spindle of TYG03. They also scan with less PIF. My last spindle averaged about 2000-3000 PIF for every disc.

For this price I am pretty happy. They are now currently cheaper than verbatim, so it’s a close call as to which disc is better value. If verbatims price goes up and these stay at $19 AUD per 50, my next top up of everyday discs might as well be TYG03 :slight_smile:

@KG - I wouldn’t mind trying some T03 but it seems Australia is somewhat obsessed with TYG02 and TYG03. It’s almost impossible to find T02 (even online yields no results) and T03 is over priced.

From what I’ve seen, TY doesn’t generally use foam spacers in its spindles, even for its own brand, That’s.

Well, sometimes they do. I’ve had 25 packs of TDK 16x DVD+R with foam spacers (note: these were foam spacers with big bubbles in them, the TY-style cakebox was big enough to fit 30 discs in), 25 packs of Fuji 8x DVD+R with foam spacers (gray bottom cakebox, and the spacers were blue-coloured styrofoam ones) and the Sony TYs sold in North America have spacers too.

But usually they don’t, at least in their 50 packs.

Well, I’ve used other TY media, and I don’t recall all of them having foam spacers but they definitely didn’t seem to move around freely in the spindle, unless I am somehow mistaken.

T02 with a foam spacer

I guess what I meant was that when TY does the packaging, it usually doesn’t use spacers. The Fuji 25-disc spindles are in Prodisc-style cakeboxes and Fuji probably packaged those itself; the same thing with the Sony-branded TY.

Also Panasonic 25 packs of 16x DVD-R are in these cakeboxes so I assume TY has two different cakebox styles to pick from? (Panasonic 8x DVD-R were in the TY cakeboxes if I remember correctly.)


my panasonic’s (50 cakebox) has a hard plastic spacer.

IIRC my 100 TYG02 in a cakebox didn’t have any spacers at all.

You know, it’s funny you should say that, I’ve been thinking the same thing. My Panasonic TYG03 are really good, but the Verb TYG03s aren’t what I’ve become used to.

I have one other 50 spindle of Verb TYG03, but I’m loathe to open it to try a few out since they seem to be disappearing from UK shelves…

Makes me wonder what the Verb T03s I have are like.

I’ve never seen TY use anything but its own cakeboxes for That’s brand, which is why I think that when you have TY media in non-TY cakeboxes the branding company is doing the packaging.

Verbatim T03s are nice in my experience, they are often TH000021 or TH000020 and these batches are well known for being good :slight_smile:

(FYI, I also have TH000020 from Greece and it burns just as well as T02. I’m pretty satisfied with T03’s performance, IMO TYG03 is a slight bit more inconsistant.)

You could open the other pack of TYG03 and try it out, I’m sure it’s not a huge loss.

Then again I don’t understand why all the packs are so similar.

Sony-branded TYG03 seems better than the unbranded variety in my experience. I wish I could find some more :frowning:

It is if they’re disappearing from shop shelves. I’m keeping them for posterity :bigsmile:

BTW, gonna order me 100 Panny TYG03s from SVP tomorrow, yay! :bigsmile:

Sure, rub it in why don’t you :a

Awww, I’m sorry :flower:…mind you, every time I see you US guys talking about TY Sonys, I feel the same way :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Anyway, you’ll probably get the last laugh: there’s a postal strike going on here at the moment, and they’ll probably take weeks to arrive!

The Sony TYs are old stock though, and only T02 was plentiful. Sony-branded TYG02 and TYG03 were always rarer, and nearly impossible to get now. It’s just that those Panny TYG03 discs seem to be so good, better than unbranded TYG03 which is about all I can get.

So is Panasonic TYG03.

I still get the feeling from these verbatim branded TYG03 that they aren’t A grade TY

I discovered i have a tub of watershield TY/TYG03 - not sure if they are grade A either, heh. Must have got them by mistake instead of the cdr’s at a time. It’s 3rd or 4th diff kind of TYG03 i try and the worst (at least scan wise). How comes they have the PIF spikes same place all the time with diff burners. I often considered buying those but i think i’ll stick to the unbranded TYG03 now ;)… yeah because they have nicest QS. TRT is spot on on all discs and hi speed QS a total mess as well. Batch is GH000163 :eek: