Tyg03 , mcc03rg20 scans in new burner :p

brought the samsung S182D drive today to replace my nec i broke heres some scans of media as Arachne asked for aswell didnt know proper section but all burnt @ 16X enjoy or be shocked lol :stuck_out_tongue: , im sure these PIf spikes will settle ones its learnt the media its on SB05 firmware nice drive for 19 quid really just burning an mcc004 for u aswell :slight_smile: and scanning

Just added mcc004 :slight_smile:

Nice one :smiley:

Try a 4x scan and see what thatโ€™s like jitter-wise. :slight_smile:

The jitterโ€™s really weird on the 16x scan LOL :bigsmile:

4x scans will be done soon , i think the drive needs to be fed more though :iagree:

4X scans jitter seems better :slight_smile:

If you want to scan jitter, 4x is usually the best, or slower (but who can actually wait that long lol). If you want to do 16x scanning, I would just turn off jitter, the results go wacky :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it that you burnt all those discs @ 16x? Iโ€™m fairly sure that slower speeds will show lower jitter and lower errors :iagree:

yeah i wanted its first burns to be rated 16X :slight_smile: , dont think it likes my tyg03s :frowning: lol but it loves the verbies

Could you try to perform a scan with your Samsung ? Iโ€™m curious how the newly built ones perform.
And i recommend burning at 8x speed too and those high PIEs should be gone

Top ones a liteOn burnt tyg03
middle ones the 8X burnt Tyg03 scanned in the liteon
bottom ones obviously the samsung scan u asked for :slight_smile: