TYG03 being sold as "value Line"

I just read a report over at videohelp that one user got some value line TY from Supermedia and received TYG03. If this is correct, it is the first I have seen of 16X media being substituted for 4X. I certainly wouldn’t count on getting TYG03, but it adds another potential surprise to a decent price.


It’ll be an even bigger surprise if some poor dope with a 4x burner buys it, only to discover it doesn’t work worth s#$t on his old drive.

Are you just remarkably omniscient or did you peak at the link, as that is exactly what happened.

Too bad; I have plenty of 4X I would gladly trade him.

Wow, I thought I was lucky getting the TYG02 a couple of times.

There’s some older drives that can’t handle G02 also. Unscrupulous retailers will sell you anything, or don’t even know what they’re selling.
Now you know why Rima won’t have anything to do with the “value line” stuff.

I just read a second report from lordsmurf that some TYG03 is being sold as Value Line 4X. Quite a bargain if you are lucky.

those are fake tyo3’s sold as 4x ty’s

I disaggree. If they want to sell 16x Value Line, that’s fine. But substituting one for the other is not right. It’s not 4x media, and it shouldn’t be called 4x. The differences are just too great. Many, if not most, 4x and 8x burners cannot handle G03 at any speed. G03 certainly should not be burned at 4x.

Do you have some in front of you? There is no such thing as TY03 media on any database I have searched.

I also agree that this is a problem for anyone who still uses a 4X burner. They should do a better job of identifying what they are actually selling. For most of us, however, these would be a bargain.

As the supplier to Supermedia for these is Jim at Microboards I would imagine he should be told that there are people who don’t want TYG03 when they expect TYG01.

thats the point, tyo3’s where what a person got as ty media

i know there fake dude, thats the point lol

Fake? from what place or site? I highly doubt is was from supermediastore.

There is no “TY03” media.

The Value Line, for whatever reason, currently has some TYG03 16x DVD-R being sold in it. That’s a great deal. But it is true that some older burners may have a fit. The Value Line is being shipped mixed from the manufacturers. Meaning it could be TYG01, TYG02, or TYG03.

I doubt you’d want your reseller opening the tape wrap on these TY discs. That would not only open up the option that the media could be damaged with extra handling, but it would drive the costs up due to inspection times on each spindle or box, as well as require re-packing onto spindles.

Honestly, if you are afraid you’ll get TYG03 media, then don’t buy TY DVD-R. There is a lot of other good media out there, be it MCC, MXL/MAXELL, SONY, or TDK. This week, for example, I bought two 50 spindles for $26 at OfficeMax. They were on sale for $18 each, and I had a $10 coupon I got in the mail a couple weeks ago good towards any $20 purchase. Not only do I like MCC more, it was a better deal. The world does not revolve around TY.

Also, TY “Value Line” is really nothing more than a marketing term TY has come up with to combat cheapo Taiwan and Hong Kong crap media that always undersells TY. It’s supposed to sound like a great deal (and it often is), it’s not reject media.

i am talking bout something else being sold as ty with tyo3 meaning its fake, i dont know where there from as its on aother board

i love this value line, if some dope cant burn the TYG03 my god go out and spend 40 dollars on a new burner, its not like he isn’t saving enough by buying this cheap excellent media. i’ve never seen TYG01 or TYG03, i love my TYG02 that overburns at 12x though

overburns at 12x though
Did you mean overspeed or overburn?

The user on the other board is wrong and has a very old Liteon 411 that is unable to report his media ID correctly. He refuses to believe these are TYG03 and has started to post that these are fake.

Highly unlikely; why would you fake TY with an unknown media code that would not burn in ANY player???

However, they do go to the trouble of overstamping the serial number twice so TY has chosen to identify this media specifically.

I can confirm this is true, I am burning some right now. Actually this is how I found this thread. Noticed DVD Decrpyter was telling me I using was a TYG03 and that seemed a bit odd, so I googled it and ended up here. These came in a 100 pack Valueline tapewrap, just got them today. Was advertised as 1x-4x. They’re 100% authentic. Pretty sweet! :slight_smile:

Did you get them from Supermedia? If not, then where?