TYG03 another true multi-speed media ?!

I was testing Panasonic TYG03 media with various burners at various speeds .
I was truly amazed that 4X speed burning worked very well with that media although I’ve heard alot that low speed burning is problematic and Verbatim media is considered by many to be the only “true” multi-speed media :slight_smile:

The rest :

Sorry I don’t agree.

THe point is that I and other folks can burn verbatim 16x (+R/-R) (CMC Made) even good on very old drives like Pioneer 106D. And I can’t say the same for TYG03 (plextor branded )
Good = Nice transfer rate/ flawless playback and decent looking PI/PO/POF errors.

TYG03 however is media that can burn very nice on any speed (on the newer) drives

I guess it could also be dependent on the particular batch because I’ve had some TYG03 that was less than impressive with any speed even with recent burners, [B]dakhaas[/B].

yeah my TYG03 WaterShields from Rima don’t burn very great. I’ll have to look and see what the code is if someone wants to know.

I had rather mediocre Verbatim TYG03 (GH000135) and recently ran out of quite good Panasonic TYG03 (GH000073). :frowning:

Lol, the 16x burn has like 11% jitter… which is not cool.

Your best burn is the 4x one in the Pioneer, just going by the scan result :stuck_out_tongue:

You should keep burning @ 4x haha (8x is also very close though).

It seems odd that a 106D could produce good burns with 16x MCC media as I doubt it has proper firmware support for the MIDs… :confused:

Actually the Pioneer burn is @6X not 4X :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]dakhaas[/B] : Benq is an old drive , right ? or did you mean 12X and lower capable drives ?
BTW : TRT is flawless with all the burns but I don’t have any stand alone DVD players to test playability :frowning:

These Panasonic TYG03 that I got from one and only store here in Egypt are the best I’ve seen compared to scans posted here , however they somehow varies in quality from spindle to spindle .
You can see the huge raise in PIE/Jitter in higher burn speeds (specially 16X)
as 12X burning gives higher jitter only with Pioneer , while it is very good with Benq 1640 and good with Benq 1680@LiteOn 20A1P :

Your Panny TYG03 is above average TYG03. Genetic TYG03 is not so good. I will buy TYG02 over TYG03 anytime and save some money at same time.

heres my contribution sry aint posted properly in a while been busy :stuck_out_tongue: ,
GH000142 @ 4X :slight_smile: smart burn hyper tuning off cleared its memory again too after some bad mcc004 made it iffy :slight_smile: . i mean to be fair u look at all my ty scans their pretty darn consistant aswell :slight_smile:

woops double post delete please :doh:

Here is my TYG03 (hub inkjet printable GH000155-1007) scan.

The burner only has 4X max writing.

Here is a TY T03 (hub inkjet printable TH000020-0709) scan for comparison.

Writing @4X, which is max by the burner. :bigsmile:

My TYG03 WaterShields from Rima are GH000156

My Sony TYG03 from sears B# GH000013 mine is much lower :bigsmile:

Post a scan, please!

here but 18X burn with GSA-42N think I you saw already
anyway right here again ( only few I have this 148 Disc ) :bigsmile:
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We need keep your scan away from this thread. :bigsmile: