TYG03 16X DVD-R from rima on LDW-411S

Just got in 50 of TYG03 16X DVD-R and tested on my Lite-on LDW-411S with FS0K stock. Both the laser etch and rim codes have “GH” in them. Both CDSpeed and Kprobe say that the maximum write speed is 2X. My Samsung TS-H552B (TS07) says that the max write speed is 12X. What gives? Media test results are posted in the forum.

I don’t think Lite-On have updated their 411S firmware with proper descriptors for the 16X -R media. You’ll be better served with the older TYG01 4X -R discs.

Actually I think he 'd be better served by spending 75USD on a new burner made by someone who constantly updates their firmware like BenQ. I had the liteon LDW-411S and really regret buying it because liteon sucked at updating firmware to keep up with what was being produced media wise.

The liteon LDW-411S was never meant to do faster than 4x in any case and if the user does not want to upgrade his burnerthe TYG01 would be a good choice

Agree with above posters.
Litey 411 was a great burner one and a half year back. I even converted mine to a 411@811.
But there is no firmware support and in general Lite-On *11 burners didn’t handle -R´s good at all. Burning your 16x media at 2x will most probably cause you problems or even result in unreadable discs. Don’t do it.

My 2 cent.
Spend $55 on a Benq 1620 or an NEC 3520.
You will not regret it. :wink:

In particular, the G03 is not fond of being burned at 8x and below, even with the correct strategy. (which the 411 does not have)

The NEC and LG burners will burn this stuff in 5:30 or less with great quality.