TYG02 vs. YUDEN000T02 using a BENQ DW1640 BSMB

Hey y’all

just curious, I am a cheap bastard and am trying to order some new blanks. I see over at Rima they have this:

TYG02 8x DVD-R inkjet printable 100-pack = $39.00
YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R inkjet printable 100-pack = $58.00

now being cheap bastard that I am I’m leaning towards getting the TYG02. Can anyone tell me this is a bad idea, I have been using the +R with my BenQ and getting great burns. I heard BenQs dont burn so well using -R media but the price is so right…

well any comments, thanks!

I think TYG02 does slightly better than YUDEN000T02, and overspeeds really nicely. By all means, buy it.

I concur. I say the two are about the same for quality (both high quality discs) so definitely go with the TYG02 discs.

My BenQ burns scan much better with the Yuden then with the TYG02’s.

TYG02 works great with 1640/BSMB :smiley: , so i would go with TYG02 and save money :iagree:

thanks for all the help guys… gonna try the TYG02 and see how it flies… :iagree:

Those prices could signal the end of G02 distribution. Get 2. :wink:

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH… :doh: :doh: What am I gonna recommend now?

Luckily, I’ve already made a huge stock :stuck_out_tongue: (even TOO huge a stock I guess :eek: )

why do you say that? isnt it usually that when prices go down it means there is a surplus of the item in question? as supply gets constrained, prices go up… basic supply & demand… or does it not work like that in this case?

I haven’t seen any signs of TY halting or even reducing TYG02 production, especially looking at all of the OEM TYG02 sold on the Japanese market under various brands (TDK, Fujifilm, JVC/Victor, That’s).

Yup, that and rima usually announces when they close out a line. They did that before clearing out the TYG01s.