TYG02/TYGO3 100pk = $30 shipped - supermediastore.com

Since the TYG01’s are pretty much sold out, people are reporting to be receiving TYG02’s and TYG03’s. My buddy got 600 TYG03’s for $144 shipped :c)

100pk = $30
200pk = $55

Shipping is free!


25.20 per hundered here with referral…28.00 - 2.80 referral discount = 25.20 shipped…


Thank you for the great deals links.

One quick question, are both of these of different qualities? Did I read it right that the “Value DVD” is less than the other? Just checking before making my purchase.

Thanks in advance for the info.

these are 4x :confused:


Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media 4.7GB Silver Thermal Lacquer
Meritline Price
$26.99 for 100

thats kickass

They may be 4X, but they burn at 8X most of the time from what I’ve read. And don’t forget to add $9.25 to the ones you posted for shipping.

4X burning @ 8X you might not get the same quality burn of 8X burning at 8X or 12X. If staples honors the $10 off $30 purchase, 2 spindles of Sony (100 discs total) for $20, I am gonna try to do it today.

if they come as TYG02 or G03 they are 8x or 16x, personally i’ve never received a 4x G01 from either SMS or shop4tech, only TYG02’s which i overburn at 12x or 16x

Honestly, outside of the shop4tech deal, all of these aren’t much of a deal. Not to mention I wouldn’t touch POS meritline with a 10 foot pole. I know that shop4tech and meritline are no saints either, I just haven’t heard nearly as many horror stories about product quality variation from shop4tech or supermediastore as I have meritline. By the time you factor in meritline’s rip-off shipping charges, you are only saving $3-$4 off of the premium 8x TYG02 (gauranteed to be 8x) from www.rima.com. IMHO it is worth it to pay the extra $3-$4 just to deal with rima versus meritline. No comparison in customer service, speed of shipping or return policies. EDIT Just noticed that the description at meritline says “SHRINK WRAPPED” I would be wary of these since the only TY discs that I have seen that have been shrinkwrapped have been the value line. All premium TYG02 has come in cake boxes.

you guys know if there is a store for meritline or any other shop where there are ty’s unbranded in the US ?

also i noticed on mertiline that if i add qty 2 or more the shipment increases , it wasnt like this the last time i ordered something (care to explain ?)

rima’s shippin is also v exp ? $20 or more to SC,Orangeburg and the same thing

if u add more qty it increases double what is that?

Rima’s shipping is no where near as expensive. www.rima.com. Meritline charges me between $7-$8 for ground shipping for a 100 pack of the 8x TY DVD-R and Rima charges me just over $5 for ground shipping. One of the many reasons why I prefer rima.

I don’t trust Shop4Tech either… they are HORRIBLE! Takes forevor to ship, sometimes get damaged goods then their customer service SUCKS!

It seems 100pk at rima.com is $32 + $~5 shipping so that would be $38… so the supermediastore deal is better since its free shipping :c)

You need to read between the lines. The stuff from supermediastore IS VALUE LINE which means you can get 4x, 8x or 16x and you have no way of telling which before you buy. The stuff from rima is PREMIUM 8x TY, that means you are gauranteed to get the 8x TYG02 from spindle to spindle. You also get the ones from rima in two 50 pack cake boxes versus getting 100 discs bulk in shrinkwrap. Not that big of a deal but it might be a consideration if you don’t happen to have any cakeboxes lying around.

I have bought 4 batches of TYG’s from supermedia, all were shipped within 24 hours of ordering, all were free shipping of 200 disks. The first order(almost a year ago was value, shrink wrapped TYG01’s, they were the best disks. Even overspeeded at 8x.
The second batch was also shrinkwrapped and were TYG02’s, almost as good as the G01’s. My third batch were 4 premium cake boxs of TYG03’s. Just a little bit better
than the value 02’s when burned at 8x. The fourth order of disks were this new batch
of TYG02’s, the wrapping was new. They were still good but not quite as good as the
first three orders(mid 90’s). Still on par with my new sony T02’s, which have gone down hill. The TY media is very consistent, more than I can say for verbatim.

Just ordered 300 of these http://supermediastore.com/taiyo-yuden-4x-dvd-r-media-silver-matte-spindles.html for $71.99 SHIPPED!

Here’s a Staples coupon 10USD off 40USD purchase, its good until 4/30 so if you get the Sony Yudens for 14.99 for 50 X 3 = 44.97 - 10.00 = 34.97 for 150 Sony Taiyo Yudens.


Negative. All of the hub printable TY, premium or value, is tape-wrapped. I’ll use your beloved Rima as an example, since they don’t even sell value TY:

says right on the coupon, “no copies or fascimiles”

and I paid 30 +3 tax for 100 and they aren’t quite as good as the ones I bought 2 months ago

least I found MIJ at the back of the display

Others in another thread said that coupon doesn’t work.

I am going to try the 10 off 30 Wednesday.

EDIT Nevermind.

Just received my 300 “VALUELINE” Taiyo Yuden @ US$71.99 from supermediastore and they are all TYG003 MID GH000125. With the free shipping and including the CA sales tax I paid less than 26 cents for TY 16X media.